2016 Yamaha FJR1300

2016 Yamaha FJR1300

For 2016 Yamaha is taking the FJR1300 models to the next level with the introduction of a range of new features that give a more dynamic sporting character together with increased riding enjoyment and enhanced comfort at all speeds.

Refined sport touring dynamism

Launched at the start of the millennium, and FJR1300 was one of the first large capacity models in the Sport Touring segment to offer sporty performance combined with genuine long distance capabilities.

Since that day, fifteen years of constant evolution has ensured that this successful Sport Touring model continues to be one of the most popular models in its category.

The FJR1300 line continues to attract an extremely loyal following of experienced riders who appreciate the enduring and timeless appeal, and in order to remain faithful to the original concept - while at the same time attracting new customers - Yamaha will launch the FJR line-up with an updated specification for this new model year.

More dynamic sporting character

For 2016 Yamaha is taking the FJR1300A/AE/AS models to the next level with the introduction of a range of new features that give a more dynamic sporting character together with increased riding enjoyment and enhanced comfort at all speeds.

In order to achieve these goals, Yamaha's designers have developed an all-new 6-speed transmission that gives increased acceleration together with reduced rpm during high speed top gear cruising. The result is more dynamic running performance with a greater emphasis on the bike's sports character, together with a more comfortable and relaxing riding experience.

Another significant change for 2016 is the use of new A&S clutch that gives smoother downshifts for improved chassis stability when decelerating, to give more enjoyable corner entry on twisty roads - while the new lower rate clutch springs give a lighter and easier clutch lever action for reduced effort on the part of the rider.

All new LED lighting at the front and rear enhances the look and feel of all the FJR models - whilst new cornering lights on the FJR1300AE/AS improve the night time riding capabilities. And with their refined instrumentation and a new Matt Silver colour option, the latest generation of FJR models continues to offer sophisticated style with high levels of functionality that look sure to be appreciated by bike's loyal followers.

New 6-speed transmission for increased performance

With its powerful and smooth-running 1,298cc engine, the FJR is renowned for its ability to cover long distances at high cruising speeds, and the 2016 model has been redesigned to give an even more dynamic and enjoyable riding experience with the fitment of an all-new 6-speed transmission.

The complete gearbox has been redesigned for 2016, and the FJR's new 6-speed transmission is the first Yamaha to feature a separate dog clutch with newly designed helical gears. Compared to the current bike's conventional transmission with a single unit dog gear and spur type gears, this new 6-speed design is around 400 grams lighter and is no larger than the 5-speed unit.

The new 6-speed transmission enables the sport touring rider to make even better use of the 1298cc engine's high torque output by optimizing the bike's performance through the speed range to produce a more enjoyable and connected riding experience.

New light-action A&S clutch for smoother downshifting

In order to achieve even gentler and more fluent chassis movement during downshifting, the 2016 FJR1300A/AE models are fitted with a new A&S (Assist and Slipper) clutch that is similar to the design featured on the 2015 YZF-R1.

The A&S clutch utilizes a slanted cam located between the clutch boss and pressure plate, and this design offers a number of advantages compared to the conventional clutch. Firstly, the slanted cam structure augments the force of the clutch springs, and this has enabled the use of lower rate clutch springs to give a much lighter lever action that requires less effort from the rider.

Secondly, during downshifting the A&S clutch is designed to partially disengage when the rotational torque being transmitted back from the rear wheel to the transmission exceeds the torque from the engine side. During hard engine braking the slanted cam is designed to allow the pressure plate to disengage partially and give about 50% clutch slip. By effectively damping the forces generated by back torque, the A&S clutch helps to moderate any chassis movement and instability during downshifting to give smoother handling.

New twin-eye LED headlights

To underline the FJR's position as Yamaha's definitive large capacity sport tourer, the 2016 models are equipped with a new twin-eye headlight design featuring all-new LED lighting. With its added impression of 3-dimensionality and depth, this attractive new 'face' conveys a commanding look together with a feeling of premium quality that perfectly complements the high-end specification of the latest models.

The elaborate new headlight structure consists of a main lower portion that contains four compact and lightweight LED headlights, with the two outer lights projecting the low beam, while the two inner lights come on in association with the outer lights during the high beam mode.

LED position lights with new dimpled lenses

Situated at the outer edge of the headlights, the chevron shaped LED position lights and their multi-faceted reflectors accentuate the 3-dimensional form of the new-look assembly. For 2016 all of the FJR models feature a dimpled texture on the inside of the headlight lens, and this gives the LED position lights an even greater degree of illumination that not only projects a unique look, but also reinforces the dynamic performance potential of the latest higher specification models.

Adaptive cornering lights for FJR1300AE/AS

The 2016 FJR1300AE/AS models are the first Yamaha motorcycles to be fitted with adaptive cornering lights that illuminate the road as the bike starts to lean into a bend. Three LEDs are located in an upper compartment above each of the twin-eye headlights, and these are illuminated in succession when the bike's Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) detects that the motorcycle is banking over. Reflectors are positioned between each of the cornering lights in order to project the right amount of light onto the road, and the upper and lower portions of the headlamp are separated by a special attachment that is unique to the FJR1300AE/AS models.

At low banking angles the innermost pair of LEDs are automatically turned on, and as the bike's lean angle increases the middle pair illuminate, followed by the outer pair of lights when the bank angle becomes more extreme. This innovative system operates whether the headlights are on low beam or main beam, and by enhancing functionality during night time riding it underlines the serious long distance capabilities of the FJR1300AE/AS models.

New combination LED tail light assembly

As well as featuring an all-new headlight design, the 2016 FJR models are also equipped with a completely redesigned LED tail light that gives a greater impression of 3-dimensionality together with concentrated mass and advanced technology.

The new combination tail light is slightly wider than the current design, and features a central cluster of LEDs for the brake light, surrounded by an outer perimeter of LEDs that make up the rear light, and each turn signal is made up of group of three horizontal LEDs. Featuring a raised upper edge, this new tail light assembly complements the sportier character of the higher-specification 2016 FJRs.

Redesigned instrument panel

Detail changes have been made to the FJR's comprehensive instrumentation that are designed to offer more intuitive readability as well as to achieve an enhanced overall look that matches the sportier character of the 2016 models.

The frame that surrounds the three main displays is now finished in gunmetal colouring to accentuate the refined high quality specification of the latest models. A redesigned tachometer features the same fonts and look as the dials fitted to the R-series models to underline the sporty performance of this high-tech 1,298cc Sport Tourer - and for better readability the central digital LCD display features a block style bar for the fuel gauge, as well as revised information displays and a low reflection lens.

These subtle yet significant changes add to the overall feeling of quality, functionality and style, and underline the close attention to detail that characterizes these top of the range sport tourers.

New Matt Silver colour option

For 2016 the FJR models will be offered in a new Matt Silver colour option that conveys a high-tech sport tourer look that complements the upgraded specification of the latest models. Featuring the company's tuning forks logo on the fuel tank and subtle bodywork logos, this mature and refined design will be offered alongside the current Dark Grey Metallic colour, whose understated character is a popular choice with FJR owners.

Prepared for D-Air Street System

The 2016 FJR1300 models are prepared for installation of the Dainese D-Air® Street system. The dedicated FJR1300 D-Air installation kit (M-Kit), existing of sensors, connectors, display and brackets, can be ordered from and installed by a D-Air street dealer and then be combined with a D-Air Jacket (J-kit). The D-Air Street M-kit for FJR1300 will be available in the first quarter of 2016.

FJR1300A/AE/AS New Features

* New 6 speed transmission

* Assist and slipper (A&S) clutch

* 4-light LED headlight assembly

* 6-light LED cornering lights (AE/AS versions only)

* LED position lights

* LED turn signals

* Redesigned 3-dial instrument panel

* Newly designed tail end with LED combination light

* Redesigned rear fender

* Prepared for D-Air System

FJR1300A/AE/AS Technical Highlights

* 1,298cc liquid-cooled DOHC inline 4-cylinder

* Clean and quiet shaft drive system

* Electronically adjustable suspension systems on FJR1300AE/AS

* Upside down forks on FJR1300AE/AS

* Aluminium Deltabox frame and swingarm

* Electronically adjustable windscreen

* Adjustable cowl, seat (2-position) and handlebars (3-position)

* Yamaha D-MODE adjustable engine running modes

* Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T)

* Switchable Traction Control System (TCS)

* ABS and Unified Brake System

* Easy to operate cruise control system

* Large capacity 25-litre fuel tank

* Sidecases, heated grips and 12v outlet fitted as standard equipment

* Designed to facilitate fitment of post-purchase touring accessories

FJR1300AS exclusive features

* YCC-S (Yamaha Chip Controlled Shift) clutchless gear shifting system


Matt Silver (new) and Tech Graphite

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