2017 Yamaha D’elight scooter

New Yamaha D'elight 125 scooter

Move smart. Live easy
The new D'elight is a compact, stylish and affordable urban commuter scooter that is designed to appeal to the many city dwellers that are looking for a viable and economical alternative to public transport. Featuring a compact new chassis and the latest generation Blue Core engine, the new D'elight further strengthens Yamaha's Urban Mobility segment.

Compact and lightweight chassis
With a low weight of just 99kg (wet) combined with compact overall dimensions, the D'elight is ideal for urban commuters who are looking for a functional, practical and economical scooter. Its slim body and short 1,275mm wheelbase ensure that this is one of the most agile and manoeuvrable scooters in the class, making it an ideal choice for new and experienced riders.

Distinctive unisex design
The new D'elight is aimed at that significant part of the marketplace that is looking for a stylish, functional and affordable scooter that is designed to make urban living easier, more affordable and enjoyable.
The refined and compact new body has been designed with a strong European influence, and features a black V-shaped 'grill' that gives the D'elight a distinctive, high quality appearance. The high visibility multi-reflector front turn signals are the 'eyes' on the D'elight's friendly face, giving this value for money urban commuter a unique and pleasing look.

Rider and passenger comfort
The spacious flat footboard and 630mm long dual seat give a spacious and adaptable riding position - and with a seat height of just 800mm the D'elight gives easy leg reach to the ground. Passenger comfort is taken care of with aluminium tandem footpegs featuring a push button type opening mechanism, and there's an easy to grip grab bar that complements the D'elight's sleek design.

Economical and powerful Blue Core engine
Yamaha's engineers have developed the D'elight's new engine using the company's leading Blue Core technology. By concentrating on increasing combustion efficiency and improving cooling performance - as well as reducing horsepower losses - customers are now offered increased performance together with higher levels of fuel efficiency.
As a result of this Blue Core design approach, the D'elight is able to achieve one of the best fuel consumption figures in its class. Combined with the use of a 5.5 litre fuel tank, the Yamaha D'elight is able to achieve a class leading maximum range, meaning less time and money spent in the fuel station.

Smooth and balanced handling
The compact and light chassis as well as the plush front and rear suspension systems ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. Newly designed lightweight 6-spoke die cast aluminium wheels are fitted with specially developed tyres, contributing towards fuel economy by reducing rolling resistance.
For a balanced ride the D'elight is fitted with a 12-inch front wheel combined with a 10-inch rear wheel, and the 180mm diameter front disc brake and 130mm diameter rear drum brake benefit from a Unified Braking System (UBS) for plenty of smooth and controllable stopping power.

Practical and functional
The new D'elight is equipped with a large under-seat storage space with a specially designed square, flat-bottomed shape that can hold a 13-inch laptop or a full face helmet.
There's also a convenient clamp-type hook mounted on the legshields in front of the rider that can be used to carry small bags, and for added security the main switch has a key shutter.

Digital instruments
The neat meter panel features an easy to read electronic speedometer with an illuminated needle, as well as a digital LCD display featuring a clock, odometer, trip meter and fuel economy gauge.

D'elight. Move smart. Live easy.

D'elight - Key Features
New body design with compact and manoeuvrable chassis
Attractive, good quality, value for money urban commuter
Low weight of only 99kg (wet) gives easy handling and lively acceleration
Economical, powerful and reliable new 125cc Blue Core engine
Excellent fuel consumption
12-inch front wheel and 10-inch rear wheel give balanced handling
Longer 1,275mm wheelbase gives extra seating space with good stability
Unified Braking System (UBS), 180mm front disc brake / 130mm rear drum brake
Under-seat storage for one full-face helmet
5.5 litre fuel tank
EU4 compliant

Lava Red
Diamond Black
Milky White


March 2017

Yamaha Urban Mobility scooters. Move. Live. Love.

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