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Yamaha TMAX 500 DX
Yamaha TMAX 500 DX

Nothing but the MAX
Ever since the introduction of the Yamaha TMAX in 2001, the Yamaha MAX family continues to be widely regarded as today's most influential force in the European scooter market. Featuring dynamic bodywork with that distinctive MAX family look, and driven by sophisticated 4-stroke engines that are designed to give exciting and lively performance, Yamaha Sport scooters lead the industry in terms of design, technology, style and desirability. Shaped by TMAX DNA and designed and manufactured to the same high standards as the flagship model, the recently introduced and powerful new X-MAX 300 takes over from the highly successful X-MAX 250. For 2017 Yamaha can also announce the arrival of the latest edition of the world's most successful and iconic sport scooter. Built to the highest specification ever featured in its class - and available in three versions - the new 2017 Yamaha TMAX is ready!

New TMAX: Reset the rules of MAX
Fifteen years ago Yamaha launched a model that was literally to change the face of the scooter world and create a whole new category.
At the time it may have seemed to be a brave decision by Yamaha to launch a maxi scooter that had the performance and handling of a sports motorcycle, combined with the comfort and convenience of a 'twist and go' scooter. But history has shown that Yamaha really did get it right first time, and back in 2001 the TMAX didn't just invent a new category - it changed forever the perception of the scooter. The age of the maxi scooter had arrived, and five model generations later the TMAX continues to totally dominate the premium large capacity scooter sector.
With over 233,000 sold in 15 years, the Yamaha TMAX is not simply the best selling maxi scooter in Europe, it is also one of the best-selling models ever made by Yamaha. For 2017 the remarkable TMAX story continues with three new versions - TMAX, TMAX SX and TMAX DX - each of them ready to reaffirm this prestigious scooter's iconic status by offering the very highest levels of performance, technology and style.
The three new versions of the TMAX reset the rules of MAX by giving discerning customers an even wider choice of the most successful maxi scooter in history. The dynamic new body and lightweight frame design - together with the sophisticated electronic control technology and high overall specification reinforce the TMAX's position as the runaway leader in the class.
With three versions available, there's a model to suit every lifestyle. The Yamaha TMAX is more a 'blank canvas', for customers wanting to make it their own by adding various parts and accessories. Yet there are those maxi scooter owners who want even more than the exclusive TMAX has to offer. For these riders we have created the TMAX SX and TMAX DX models.
Featuring special colours and D-MODE switchable engine running modes, the TMAX SX is designed for sports-oriented customers. And with its extensive electronic control technology including D-MODE and Cruise Control - as well as an adjustable screen and heated grips and seat - the top of the range Yamaha TMAX DX provides the ultimate in luxury.

Yamaha TMAX Highlights - all versions

  • Sporty and dynamic new body design
  • Outstanding acceleration
  • Lightweight aluminium chassis
  • Longer aluminium swingarm
  • 10kg lighter than 2016 model
  • Traction Control System (TCS)
  • Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T)
  • Increased storage space for two demi jet helmets
  • 'Smart Key' keyless ignition system
  • Short and compact upswept muffler
  • Sophisticated new TFT instruments
  • Link-type rear suspension
  • Lightweight tyres with low rolling resistance
  • ABS fitted as standard equipment
  • Ready to accommodate the optional D-AIR safety system
  • Centre stand locking system
  • Battery charging socket
  • EU4 compliant engine

TMAX SX Additional Features

In addition to the list of TMAX highlights that are found on all versions, the sporty TMAX SX is also equipped a number of exclusive features and special paint finishes that reinforce its exclusive appeal, and enhance its dynamic character.

Special sports colours and exclusive interior finishing
The new TMAX SX is offered in Matt Silver with blue wheels and Liquid Darkness, two deep and understated colour finishes that - together with the stylish SX badge - accentuate the sporty character and underline its exclusivity.
Much of the interior is treated to a high gloss paint finish, and new materials are used for various components to enhance the overall feeling of quality. Another key feature is the use of texture lines around the edges of the central tunnel and glove compartments that emphasizes the luxurious finish and premium quality of this prestigious two-wheeler.

Yamaha D-MODE
Yamaha D-MODE is an electronic control feature that gives riders of the TMAX SX and TMAX DX models the opportunity to adjust the engine running mode to suit the riding conditions and situation. Riders can select either T-Mode for town riding or S-Mode for sport riding by pressing a sequential switch on the right handlebar.
D-MODE operates in association with the YCC-T to give an easier and gentler power delivery in T-Mode, making the TMAX SX more suited to town riding. By selecting S-Mode, riders can enjoy the thrilling acceleration and sporty performance of the 530cc engine on open roads.

My TMAX Connect
TMAX SX - and but also the TMAX DX riders - are the first Yamaha owners to enter the connected world through the My TMAX Connect app. Using the mobile phone app, these customers have access to a wide range of data relating to their SX or DX, including a bike tracker - thanks to the integrated GPS system - as well as a remote horn and flasher function, low battery alert, speed alert, geofence and trip report.
This sophisticated feature gives greater control over the TMAX SX/DX's security, as well as enabling riders to access useful information using their mobile - and when new service functionalities become available they will be made available via software updates.
Depending on the local market situation, customers will be able to benefit from favourable insurance costs thanks to this My TMAX Connect app.

TMAX SX additional features:

  • Exclusive colours and high quality interior finish
  • D-MODE adjustable power modes
  • My TMAX Connect app, thanks to integrated GPS system

TMAX DX Additional Features

The flagship TMAX DX offers the very highest levels of luxury together with the most sophisticated specification ever found on a maxi scooter. As well as being equipped with all of the features found on the TMAX and TMAX SX models, the top of the range TMAX DX is also equipped with a range of exclusive technology that confirms its position as the highest status scooter available from any manufacturer.

Cruise Control
No other scooter has the ability to cover such great distances at high speeds in as much comfort and style as the TMAX. To underline its remarkable potential as the ultimate 'grand tourer' scooter, the top of the range TMAX DX comes equipped with Cruise Control.
The system works by utilizing the YCC-T to control intake air flow and subsequently maintain the selected speed - regardless of road gradient or other factors such as headwind - to make long distance riding even more enjoyable. The TMAX DX's Cruise Control operates above 50 km/h, and can be increased or decreased in 2km/h increments by a single push of a switch on the left handlebar, or by continuously holding down the switch.
Riders can easily cancel the cruise control by braking or turning the throttle past the closed position, and a 'resume' button returns the system to its last used speed setting.

Electronically adjustable windscreen
For added convenience the TMAX DX model is equipped with an electronically adjustable windscreen that can be raised or lowered by 135mm using a switch on the left handlebar. The specially designed screen works in conjunction with the central air duct to reduce air pressure and turbulence acting upon the rider, creating a more relaxed and comfortable environment.
On the TMAX and TMAX SX models the screen is manually adjustable by changing the screen adjustment bolts, and offers 55mm of vertical movement.

Heated grips and heated main seat
With its high-speed long distance potential, the TMAX is a serious and enjoyable alternative to the car and train. To give even higher levels of comfort whatever the weather, the TMAX DX comes equipped with grip heaters and a heated main seat as standard. Together with its electronically adjustable windscreen, cruise control and D-MODE, the TMAX DX is equipped to be one of the most comfortable, stylish and efficient ways to commute, tour or just go riding for the sheer enjoyment.

Adjustable rear suspension
The TMAX DX's new link-type rear suspension offers preload and damping adjustment, enabling owners to set the system up to suit varying loads and conditions. By delivering a comfortable slow to mid speed ride - together with precise roadholding at higher speeds - this adjustable and progressive rear suspension gives the ultimate riding experience.

Yamaha TMAX DX additional features:

  • Exclusive colours and high quality interior finish
  • Cruise control
  • D-MODE adjustable power modes
  • Electronically adjustable windscreen
  • Heated grips and heated main seat
  • Adjustable rear suspension
  • My TMAX Connect app, thanks to integrated GPS system
Functionalities TMAX TMAX SX TMAX DX
TCS ٧ ٧ ٧
Bigger underseat storage ٧ ٧ ٧
TFT instrument panel ٧ ٧ ٧
Keyless smart key ٧ ٧ ٧
Centre stand lock system ٧ ٧ ٧
Battery charging socket ٧ ٧ ٧
Ready-connection for D'Air Safety system by Dainese ٧ ٧ ٧
D-Mode   ٧ ٧
My TMAX Connect   ٧ ٧
High quality interior detail finish   ٧ ٧
Cruise control     ٧
Heated grips and seat     ٧
Electrically adjustable screen     ٧


TMAX Accessories
As with all our models, a wide range of Yamaha Genuine sports and touring accessories for the TMAX models are being developed, that include, among others, practical and styling items. More detailed information on these TMAX accessories will become available upon arrival of the unit in the market.

TMAX:          Midnight Black
TMAX SX:     Matt Silver, Liquid Darkness
TMAX DX:    Phantom Blue, Liquid Darkness

March 2017

New Yamaha TMAX. Reset the rules of MAX.

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