2018 X-MAX 400 Sport Scooter

Nothing but the MAX 
Yamaha's philosophy is, and has always been, to create exciting and stylish sports scooters that are designed to enable everyone to enjoy each journey to the MAX, and make the most of their precious commuting and leisure time.
Inspired by the iconic TMAX that has owned the maxi scooter segment for over 15 years, Yamaha's hugely successful MAX sport scooters are the definitive models in the premium sector. Offering truly dynamic performance together with class-leading quality and fashionable European styling, every model in the MAX line is designed to exceed our customers' expectations - every time.
This special MAX formula - that uniquely blends advanced Yamaha technology with European design flair - has proved to be a major success with a wide range of riders. MAX family models ranging from 125-cc through to 530-cc account for over half of Yamaha scooter sales within this important and prestigious segment, and the MAX name continues to set the standards in terms of style, quality, technology, versatility and performance.

In need of more performance?   New X-MAX 400! 
Every model wearing the famous MAX logo has a lot to live up to. Ever since it made its debut in the European market in spring 2013, the original X-MAX 400 has established an enviable reputation as one of the most stylish, capable and functional long distance commuters - as well as being a supremely comfortable and hugely enjoyable sport scooter for weekend getaways.
Yamaha's key design goals were to create a new X-MAX 400 that provides even higher levels of comfort for the rider and passenger - and the higher overall specification and cutting edge design of the new model further reinforces its position as a premium quality scooter with a strong TMAX heritage. And for improved practicality the 2018 model comes equipped with a range of new features that are aimed at making every journey easier and more enjoyable.
Yamaha have improved the performance of the 2018 model in many areas, and every rider who has ever owned a MAX family scooter is going to love the way the new X-MAX 400 runs, handles, feels and looks.

Dynamic and versatile 
The X-MAX 400's dynamic new design is inspired by the highly successful new X-MAX 300, and it is abundantly clear that pure MAX DNA has shaped virtually every feature on this premium sport scooter. The beautifully sculpted bodywork - with its instantly recognisable twin headlight face - projects a distinctive and authoritative image, and the iconic 'boomerang' bodywork reaffirms this scooter's strong MAX heritage.
With its unique and special combination of a lightweight and compact body together with a powerful 400-cc engine and sophisticated rider-assist technology, the X-MAX 400 brings an ideal balance of style, performance and functionality to the sport scooter segment.
Monday to Friday there's no better way to get into the city. And when it's time to relax, the X-MAX 400's high comfort combined with strong engine and chassis performance enables you to make the very most of your precious leisure time.


Powerful and economical 400-cc EU4-compliant engine 
Driven by a powerful and economical 400-cc engine, the X-MAX 400 is the clear choice for those commuters whose journey to work includes an element of relatively fast riding on the highway. The technologically advanced 400-cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled powerplant produces high levels of torque for strong roll-on acceleration, making it easier and quicker to pass other vehicles.
This high level of performance gives the X-MAX 400 rider added confidence on busy highways, and the fast cruising speeds achieved by the 400-cc, single cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC engine helps to make light work of longer rides from the suburbs into the city.
Thanks to the sophisticated Yamaha engine technology and state-of-the-art fuel injection system, X-MAX 400 riders can also be sure that this premium scooter is one of the most economical and reliable models in the class - and being EU4 compliant, emissions are minimised.

LED headlights and LED tail lights 
The X-MAX 400 has been developed to give every commuter the opportunity to enjoy the very latest technology that Yamaha has to offer, and to reinforce its distinctive MAX styling the new model features LED lighting. The powerful twin LED headlights and guide lights project a strong beam that enables the rider not only to see, but also to be seen - while the sleek LED tail light also features a guide light.

High quality finish and luxurious interior 
The MAX range is renowned for its premium quality, and the overall fit and finish on this new sport scooter is second to none. First impressions when getting on board the X-MAX 400 is that it has the look and feel of a luxury sports car, and its class leading quality inspires a unique pride of ownership.
The newly designed dual seat features an independent rider's backrest that gives added lumbar support for a supremely comfortable ride, and the seat cover's two-tone finish and beautiful detailing - such as double stitched seams - underline the careful attention to detail that is seen throughout this scooter.
For plenty of wind protection at the high cruising speeds associated with the powerful 400-cc engine, there's a 2-position windscreen that can be easily adjusted using the appropriate tools - while the newly designed lightweight aluminium wheels add to the 'luxury sports car' feel.
The sports car theme is continued with a newly designed high-tech speedometer that features a pair of classic analogue dials for the tachometer and speedometer with a black background and white digits. A neat digital LCD display in the central area displays a wide range of information - and for added convenience there's a 12-V outlet for powering and charging electronic devices that can be stored in the large compartment under the seat when not being used.

Large storage space for 2 helmets 
Even though the X-MAX 400 has a compact body, storage space is larger than before. This spacious underseat compartment can accommodate two full-face helmets or a large sized bag, and is equipped with a handy light for added convenience. With its huge storage space, this top of the range X-MAX is a truly practical long distance commuter, as well as being a versatile weekender that's ideal for day trips and longer tours.

Daily life is made easier with Smart Key keyless ignition 
Yet another of the X-MAX 400's list of 'best in class' features is its Smart Key keyless ignition system that is designed to make your daily life simpler. As long as you're carrying the Smart Key close to you, it enables you to start the engine, unlock the steering and seat, and gain access to the large underseat storage compartment and the long-range 14-litre fuel tank. And by using the Smart Key's remote control you can even lock and locate your X-MAX 400 with the press of a button.

Motorcycle-type handling 
One of the most significant attributes of the best-selling MAX range is their sporty, motorcycle-style handling performance. For easy steering with agile handling and exceptional riding comfort - even when riding with a passenger on bumpy surfaces - the X-MAX 400 is equipped with new motorcycle style telescopic front forks.

Safety and control with the Traction Control System (TCS) 
The X-MAX 400 is designed to be ridden and enjoyed seven days a week - and in order to give every rider the highest levels of safety and controllability in varying surface conditions, the new model features a Traction Control System (TCS) as standard equipment.
This proven electronic system prevents the rear wheel from losing traction on wet roads and slippery surfaces such as manhole covers, to give every rider added confidence and peace of mind. When the TCS system's electronic sensors detect any rear wheel slippage they automatically reduce drive to the rear wheel, making this high-tech sport scooter even more enjoyable to use - every day of the week.

Dual front disc brakes with ABS 
For strong and smooth stopping, the X-MAX 400 benefits from dual 267-mm diameter front disc brakes together with a 267-mm rear disc with ABS fitted as standard equipment. By intervening when necessary, the electronic ABS system prevents the wheels locking when braking on slippery surfaces, to give added security, confidence and controllability - making this premium sport scooter one of the most technologically advanced models on the street.

Parking brake for everyday practicality 
The X-MAX 400 makes everyday commuting easier and more enjoyable, and its handy parking brake means that you can park on sloping or uneven surfaces with confidence. And another example of the many thoughtful features that make this top of the range X-MAX such a practical and user-friendly sport scooter are the 2-position adjustable handlebars.

Genuine Parts & Accessories 
Every rider lives a different lifestyle, and so to cater for each individual X-MAX 400 owner's needs and desires we have developed a wide range of Genuine parts and accessories that cover both Sport and also Touring oriented customers. With everything from a sport screen and exhaust systems through to topcases, luggage and a comfort seat, it's easy to 'make it yours'.

X-MAX 400 Key Features 
Premium Sport scooter with dynamic MAX DNA
Versatile all-rounder for weekday commuting and weekend leisure riding
Most compact Sport scooter in its class
Wet weight of 210 kg - 5 kg less than the previous model
Powerful EU4-compliant 400-cc engine
Motorcycle-type dual clamp front forks and long travel rear suspension
Parking brake for safe and secure parking
Dual front disc brakes
Traction Control System (TCS) and ABS
Huge underseat storage space for two full-face helmets
Handy underseat light
2-position tool-adjustable windscreen
'Smart Key' keyless ignition system
Twin-eye LED headlights with guide light
LED taillight with guide light
Multi-function LCD instruments
2-position tool-adjustable handlebars
Upright and active riding position



2018 Yamaha X-MAX 400 Phantom Blue
2018 Yamaha X-MAX 400 Sonic Grey
2018 Yamaha X-MAX 400 Blazing Grey

Autumn 2017

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