2018 YAMAHA X-MAX 125

2018 Yamaha X-MAX 125
2018 Yamaha X-MAX 125

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Yamaha continues to be regarded as one of the most influential and innovative manufacturers in the Sport Scooter segment, having led the way ever since the introduction of the original TMAX.
The iconic TMAX forever changed the image of the scooter, and has gone on to totally dominate the sport market for nearly two decades. Its remarkable success was followed up with the development of Yamaha's X-MAX range of sport scooters, and the MAX line is now firmly established as one of Yamaha's best selling ranges.
With their premium quality and dynamic style - combined with a superb balance of sports performance, excellent comfort and everyday functionality - the X-MAX models are appreciated by those longer distance commuters who value Yamaha quality combined with a distinctly European design flair.
For the 2018 model year, Yamaha will introduce a newly designed, higher specification version of the ever-popular X-MAX 125 that has enriched the lives of over 140,000 customers since 2006. Designed and engineered with pure and undiluted MAX DNA, the latest X-MAX 125 joins the highly successful X-MAX 300 and X-MAX 400 to complete the latest family of X-MAX models.
Along with the flagship TMAX maxi scooters, Yamaha now offer the strongest ever line of sport scooters that cover the market from the entry-level 125cc sector right through to the high-end 530cc performance models. The new X-MAX 125 offers urban and suburban commuters a stylish, convenient and economical way to beat the city traffic - and because it can be ridden by anyone with an A1 license, it is the easiest and most accessible entry into the world of sport scootering.

2018 X-MAX 125: 125cc capacity, MAX experience

The Yamaha X-MAX 125 is designed for today's discerning urban commuters who are looking for a premium scooter experience that makes every journey more enjoyable.
With total sales of over 140,000 units since its launch, the X-MAX 125 gives every A1 license holder the opportunity to experience the same iconic MAX style, design and technology that can be found in the larger capacity X-MAX 300 and 400 models.

2018 X-MAX 125 Technical Highlights

  • Sporty and stylish A1-license 125cc scooter
  • Premium quality design and finish
  • Powerful and economical 125cc, EU4-compliant engine
  • New dual LED headlights and LED tail lights reinforce the dynamic X-MAX family look
  • Motorcycle type front forks for stability and confidence
  • New Traction Control System (TCS)
  • Single disc brakes front and rear (276mm front / 245mm rear) with ABS as standard
  • Huge underseat storage for 2 full-face helmets
  • New Smart Key ignition for easy keyless operation
  • Dual seat with separate rider's backrest
  • Dual digital instruments with large central LCD display
  • 12V outlet for powering devices
  • Adjustable screen and handlebars


Radical Red
Sonic Grey
Phantom Blue
Blazing Grey


Autumn 2017

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