A1 Motorcycle and Scooter Licence Training

a1 motorcycle training edinburgh

Compulsory basic training is essential and will help you learn how to safely ride a motorcycle/scooter (up to 125cc) or moped. However, it is only the first step in motorcycle training, earning you a ‘learner legal’ status for a two year period during which  you are required by law to display L Plates (front and rear) as well as  being excluded from riding on motorways and  from carrying pillion passengers. If you want to lift these restrictions you should consider an A1 Licence.

The A1 Licence is the next stage of rider training for anyone aged 17 and over. It is sometimes referred to as permanent CBT as it gives you the same entitlement as compulsory basic training - you can ride up to a 125cc motorcycle or scooter (with a maximum output of 11kw), but unlike CBT it is a full motorcycle licence and you can ride without displaying L Plates, can carry pillion passengers and restrictions on motorway use are now lifted.

Besides appropriate training, you will need to have a valid provisional entitlement for category A on your driving licence, a valid CBT completion certificate (DL196) and a valid theory test pass certificate in order to apply for the practical tests. The practical tests must then be taken on a moped, scooter or motorcycle of between 120cc and 125cc, capable of a mimimum speed of 55mph.  Note that if you pass on a manual you can ride automatic scooters as well as motorcycles, but if you pass on an automatic you are limited to automatic scooters and mopeds only.

Saltire Rider Training in Edinburgh is ideal for new riders. As well as a high standard of tuition, the instructors will pay close attention to your unique abilities and can tailor lessons around your individual skill-set allowing you to boost your skill and confidence on two wheels safely and at your own pace.

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