Accelerated Access Scheme Training, Edinburgh

motorcycle accelerated access scheme


Obtaining a Standard (A2) licence is often the best route for those who have no immediate plans to ride a more powerful motorcycle. However if plans change which bring to light the advantages of  increasing power, speed, tank range, luggage space and comfort, then the Accelerated Access Scheme exists to allow riders (provided they have reached the age of 24, or have held a full A2 licence for at least 2 years) to gain immediate and unrestricted access to the full range of motorcycles available.

Transferring riding skills from a smaller machine to a larger, more powerful one is not as difficult as it might seem. In fact, it is rarely the case that additional skills need be developed to successfully make the transition. In most cases it is simply a matter of revisiting a few of the basic riding techniques in order to ensure that there are no obvious flaws which perhaps may be more likely to surface when applied to a machine with higher specification and performance.

Accelerated Access Requirements

As is the case with the Direct Access Scheme (DAS), the full category ‘A’ entitlement is achieved by successful completion of the practical motorcycle tests on a machine which has a minimum power output of 40kW. Candidates must be at least 24 years old, or held an A2 licence for a minimum of 2 years, but unlike DAS, they are not required to produce a valid CBT or Theory test certificate having previously gained a Standard (restricted) category ‘A’ license.

A great advantage with the Accelerated Access Scheme is that it is effectively a “no risk” test for riders. Failure to pass either of the practical tests will not affect the status of your Standard (restricted) category ‘A’ license or the length of time remaining on your two-year qualification period. Success, however, will result in an instant upgrade to a full and unrestricted category ‘A’ licence, giving you all of the benefits normally enjoyed by successful DAS candidates.

Saltire Motorcycle Training

The rider training offered at Saltire Motorcycles is second to none, which is why it has attracted riders from across the Lothians and throughout the Central Belt. You may wish to take the test on your own motorcycle or use one of our bikes which are available to hire – but remember that it must have a power output of at least 40kW. The instructors at Saltire Motorcycles are highly experienced in assessing a rider’s skill level, allowing them to pitch instruction at the most appropriate level for you!

We offer a number of package options (including a payment schedule or finance) or pay as you go option for all levels of training.

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