Advanced Rider Motorbike Training


Whether you want to build your confidence, practice with a pillion passenger or take your riding skills to the next level, Saltire Motorcycles offers advanced motorbike rider training tailored for you.

Attracting riders from across Edinburgh and the Lothian region, and as far afield as Glasgow and Fife, we offer some of the best advanced motorcycle training in Scotland irrespective of the two-wheeled vehicle you plan to ride.

Saltire Motorcycles offers post-test/advanced training on an informal basis with lessons that are structured to meet each individual’s requirements.

There are a number of reasons to take advanced motorbike rider training. Don’t assume that advanced training is only available for advanced riders. On the contrary, you will be consulted both before and during the lesson to ensure that both the theory and practical elements of the lessons are right for you.

Remember that by taking further training there is no way you can lose your licence and there are no tests involved. So whatever reason you have to want to hone your riding skills there’s never been a better time to do so, and there isn’t a better place than Saltire Motorcycles.

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