2016 Indian Chief Vintage

2016 Chief Vintage


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2016 Chief Vintage in Willow Green & Ivory Cream

2016 Chief Vintage in Indian Red

2016 Chief Vintage in Indian Red

2016 Chief Vintage in Star Silver & Thunder Black

2016 Chief Vintage Thunder Stroke 111

2016 Chief Vintage Desert Tan Genuine Leather Seats

2016 Chief Vintage Quick Release Windscreen

Thunder Stroke™ 111

The Thunder Stroke™ 111 engine delivers an incredible 138.9 Nm (102.4 ft-lbs) of torque and features styling that pays tribute to legendary Indian Motorcycle® engines of the past.
Desert Tan Genuine Leather Seats & StorageThe comfortable seat and spacious saddlebags feature new desert tan leather designed to withstand the elements.This sealed, high-quality leather is strong and durable, and it complements the traditional Indian Motorcycle® style. Quick Release WindscreenThe protective windscreen features Indian® Chief® quick release technology, so it can be installed or removed quickly and easily in just minutes.

2016 Chief Vintage Keyless Ignition

2016 Chief Vintage True Dual Exhaust

2016 Chief Vintage ABS and Cruise Control

Keyless Ignition

Enjoy keyless starting that’s secure and convenient. With the Indian® Chief® Vintage key fob in your pocket, climb on the bike, push a button and ride. If you misplace the fob, use the individual security code that you pre-programmed into the ignition.

True Dual Exhaust

The engine produces a rich exhaust note from the true dual exhaust. The exhaust was acoustically engineered to eliminate high-pitched sounds, so what you really hear is Indian Motorcycle® thunder.

ABS & Cruise Control

This advanced, automotive-quality braking lets you ride with confidence and helps you stop under control. Easy to set and adjust, the cruise control enhances your enjoyment during highway cruising.

2016 Chief Vintage Extensive Chrome

2016 Chief Vintage Badging

2016 Chief Vintage Warbonnet

Extensive Chrome

Virtually every surface that could be chromed has been chromed. From end to end, the beautiful, bright chrome finish elevates the iconic style of the Indian® Chief® Vintage.

Vintage Badging

Indian Motorcycle® Badging: One of the classic elements of an Indian Motorcycle® is the vintage badging. Ever since the Indian® script logo was first created in 1910, this feature has made the Indian Motorcycle® badging a hallmark of this historic brand.

War Bonnet

Lighting the way as it has done since 1947 is the iconic War Bonnet. Mounted proudly atop the front fender in a chrome frame, this light makes it clear, “This is a genuine Indian Motorcycle®.”

2016 Chief Vintage Valenced Fenders

2016 Chief Vintage Laced Wheels

2016 Chief Vintage Center Console

Valenced Fenders

Stylish, elegant and functional, the iconic valenced fenders, standard since 1940, enhance the flowing styling lines of every Indian Motorcycle®. They also provide protection, effectively blocking road spray and gravel kicked up by the tyres.

Laced Wheels

The Indian® Chief® Vintage rolls on bright, high -quality laced wheels. Forty stainless steel spokes make up the wheels, which evoke iconic, timeless Indian Motorcycle® style.

Centre Console

Chief® Vintage instrumentation combines modern technology and traditional style. The tank-mounted console has a large, easy-to-read analogue speedometer as well as a digital display screen that provides a wealth of valuable ride and fuel data.

2016 Chief Vintage Brake Caliper Covers

2016 Chief Vintage Beach Bar Handlebars

2016 Chief Vintage Pinnacle Collection Rear View Mirrors

2016 Chief Vintage Pinnacle Collection Rear View Mirrors

Brake Caliper Covers

Every Indian® Chief® Vintage is equipped with outstanding brakes, and in keeping with our traditional styling, we choose to cover the calipers. The result is a clean, stylish, beautifully finished sheet metal – iconic Indian Motorcycle® valenced fenders.

Beach Bar Handlebars

Customize the ergonomics and enhance the classic style of your Indian® Chief® Vintage motorcycle with a set of Beach Bar Handlebars. These bars offer a wide, comfortable reach to the handgrips and controls.

Pinnacle Collection Rear View Mirrors

These Pinnacle collection Rear View Mirrors greatly enhance the style of your motorcycle. They feature a dynamic, laterally tapered design and have Indian Motorcycle® script branding on the backsides. They are supported by forged arms for added strength and style.

2016 Chief Vintage Pinnacle Cover Collection

2016 Chief Vintage Pinnacle Cover Collection

2016 Chief Vintage Leather Fork Bag

2016 Chief Vintage Heritage Messenger Bag

 Pinnacle Cover Collection

Enhance the custom treatment of your Indian Motorcycle® by adding the Pinnacle Cover Collection to your bike. Each Horn Cover, cam cover and primary cover features branding and graphic and gives the motorcycle a clean, finished custom look.


Leather Fork Bag

This Leather Fork Bag can be used to hold any small items you want to take on your favorite rides. This Fork Bag is made of premium leather and features Indian Motorcycle® script branding. It attaches securely to the forks and light bar, and its lid latches shut to keep cargo secure and protected from the elements.

Heritage Messenger Bag

The Heritage Messenger Bag features premium leather exterior and a formed interior cargo space that’s large enough for most popular-sized laptop computers. The bag has strong metal clips that quickly and easily secure the messenger bag to the Solo Seat Luggage Rack.

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