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Fantic Motor – Discover The Latest Addition To The Saltire Motorcycle Portfolio!

Fantic Caballero Flat Tracks
Fantic Caballero Flat track 125
Fantic Caballero Scrambler 125
Fantic Caballero Scrambler Red

Suzuki, Yamaha, Indian and Royal Enfield. When those brands make up your official brand portfolio it certainly can’t hurt to add one more. The more the merrier, right?

Without further ado we hereby proudly announce that Saltire Motorcycles is now an official distributor of Fantic Motor, an Italian motorcycle producer that is celebrating 50 years in existence this year!

The brainchild of engineers Mario Agrati and Henry Keppel-Hesselinkis traces its roots back to 1968 when they set out with the quest to produce the finest endure machines throughout the 1970’s. Their endeavour proved successful and Fantic started exporting enduro motorcycles, mini-bikes and go-karts around the world.

The brand arrived on UK-soil in 1972 and quickly gained popularity with their 50cc models. The success largely being attributed to the law changes that prohibited 16-year olds from riding up to 250cc machines, as was the case up to that point in time. Regardless of the displacement of these small bikes they were reputable of reaching speeds around the 70mph mark.

Their sales success translated to motorsport too. The 1980’s witnessed Fantic win three Observed Trails world championships and seven Scottish Six Days Trails.

After an absence on the UK market of over 10 years Fantic has made a comeback with an entirely new range of machines: The Caballero Scrambler, the Caballero Flat Track, the Enduro, and the Motard.

Fantic ensures that this is only the beginning and that more exciting new models are to hit the UK in the near future. We certainly like the sound of that and hope that you do too. Keep an eye out on the news section of our website and make sure to pass by Saltire to be among the first to discover the all new Fantic Caballero Scrambler 125 and Caballero Flat Track 125 now on display in our showroom.

Are you interested in a Fantic Motorcycle? Contact us below or call our Sales team on 0131 478 6661 option 3.

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