Art Gallery Space Available

Gallery Space

Following the success of our previous Art Gallery / Exhibitions we are now looking for new artists to show off their work in the Gasoline Alley Art Gallery.

Our current art exhibition is by Glasgow Mathematics student Rosie Murray.  Her exhibition entitled 'Gallery One' features a small selection of her art work.

Her drawings are often prompted by being unable to sleep in the early hours,  and are influenced by TV programmes, particularly female-driven shows such as "Person of Interest", "Bomb Girls","Orphan Black", "Agent Carter",  and "Lost Girl".

Rosie also finds inspiration for her art from musicians such as Emilie Autumn, Lindsey Stirling and Amanda Palmer.

Usually working solely with graphite pencil but occasionally drawing something more colourful.


We launched our gallery space with Dave Gordon's Pop Art which covered a selection of canvases covering his favourite topics including Sci fi, comics, movies and music.

Dave recently returned to painting and in 2013 started up a small business Chang31ngs, who are dedicated to finding the rarest and hardest to find toys from yesteryear that made your childhood special, also distributing independent comic books and graphic novels, bringing the best of the current crop of underground creators.

Please contact us at or 0131 478 6661 option 7 if you are interested in using our art gallery space.

Our gallery space is located opposite Gasoline Alley cafe in Alba Customs and is at the entrance to our Aftersales Service and Parts department.

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