Limited Edition Jack Daniels Scout Bobber

Introducing the lucky bugger who managed to get a 2018 limited Edition Jack Daniels Scout Bobber!

Introducing Dave Routledge, the lucky bugger who managed to get a 2018 limited-edition Indian Scout “Jack Daniels” Bobber, with the help and support of Calum Murray of Alba Customs/Saltire Motorcycles in Edinburgh…

Dave is 60, a biker since the age of 16 but long before then in spirit… Married with two daughters and three grandchildren, motorcycles have always been a passion. Having had a senior executive career in the Pharmaceutical, Management Consultancy and Green energy sectors Dave is now semi-retired from the corporate world.

Dave is a volunteer and fundraiser for Northumbria Blood Bikes. Blood bikes is an awesome lifesaving charity, check out the website above and find a local group to support either as a biker, a driver, a shift co-ordinator or a fundraiser.

Dave's bikes:

Bikes previously owned and loved include:
Hondas CB200, Yamaha RD 350, Honda CX500, Suzuki GT 750, Kawasaki Z900, Yamaha XS 1100, Honda XT500 and a smattering of other trails bikes and scramblers… Just writing the list sparks a million happy memories.

Dave's current road bikes are:
A fantastic brand-new Indian Scout Bobber, BMW GS1200 adventure and a Triumph Sprint 900.

Current off-road trials bikes are:
Gas Gas 250txt Pro and a 250 Scorpa.

Best bike training:
- BMW off road school levels 1-3 in Wales, with Simon Pavey… Awesome skills acquisition, facility and value for money.

- Tricks in the Sticks with Jason Pearce, fantastic relaxed approach to learning trials riding skills.

- IAM and NBB Northumberland. Geoff Spence is a demanding but inspirational rider and assessor.

Bike heroes are: Harvey Mushman and Malcolm Smith, Burt Munro, Barry Sheene, Carl Foggarty, Simon Pavey, Toni Bou, and Dougie Lampkin to name but a few.

My Dad was a biker Ariel Square 4 and Triumph Bonnevilles and he inspired me to ride.

Even just a few miles out on a bike, can make the darkest days brighter and great days magical…

Last ‘decent’ ride out was the Northumbria Blood Bike 360 challenge. A 360-mile, one day fundraising ride out around the area covered by the blood bike riders to support the NHS.

Prior to that I rode my GS from Newcastle over to Oban to see friends.

Biggest bike adventure (so far) over 1000 miles all off-road in Enduro Africa in 2009 (with Princes William and Harry).

Bike adventures to come:
The Trans-America Trail and Alaska to Patagonia, are on the wish list, along with a tour of Scandinavia…

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