The Knox Layering System

Knox Layering System

The Knox layering System is the biggest shake up in Motorcycle Clothing in the last 30 years. It’s a move away from wearing 1 big bulky jacket with everything inside, to a clothing system that uses separate layers.

The key difference between the Knox Layering System and any other Motorcycle clothing is that we’ve taken the armour out of a loose fitting outer jacket, where it moves around, and instead constructed a separate layer, an armoured shirt, which is worn close to the body when riding.

By doing this we radically improve rider protection as the armour is held in the right place. This system gives the rider more effective and flexible clothing and the ability to choose the right style of riding gear that suits the day and conditions.

It makes perfect sense.


The last time you bought a motorcycle helmet did the salesman advise you to wear the helmet close fitting?

Of course he did. Why? Because if you have an accident the helmet will stay in place.
Body Armour is exactly the same, if you are going to wear it, then it needs to be worn close fitting so it stays in place.

Knox armoured shirt ladies
Knox all sport


a Knox layering system is easy to wear and is no more difficult than getting dressed. All layers are made from technical materials that are designed to work and look great but are also lightweight and pack away easily.

The system features the following elements that can be worn together or separately.

A Base-layer that manages moisture and keeps you dry and comfortable.

Followed by the important Armoured Shirt

A Mid-layer over the top for extra insulation and warmth if you need it.

Lastly– a choice of Outer Jacket.

Knox jackets have a unique dual fit system that can increase or decrease in size to match layers underneath. When you get to the destination, you can easily remove your armoured shirt and any mid layers you don’t need and then reduce the size of the jacket by closing the dual fit system. This way the jacket fits perfectly again off the bike. It’s so simple but very clever.

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