Model Description

The KTM 450 SMR is a pure expression of the READY TO RACE motto coming straight from the dealer floor with a premium setting of performance that will cause throttle hands to tremble. For 2022, it is heavily based on the championship winning KTM 450 SX-F that is the industry benchmark. The KTM 450 SMR features an extremely compact, single overhead camshaft engine that produces its power in the most effective way possible. The bike is fitted with premium components all-over, making it the most complete and most competitive model in the Supermoto racing segment. In brief, the KTM 450 SMR is the ultimate Supermoto racer!

When maximum power is needed, there is no alternative to the stunning engine of the KTM 450 SMR. It’s performance has been demonstrated in the world’s toughest competitions such as the AMA 450 Supercross World Championship and the MXGP World Championship.

The SOHC power plant is the perfect example of the advanced engineering techniques offering a peak power at an overall weight of just 27.3 kg. Mass-centralisation is key in the engine design, enabling chassis engineers to position the engine closer to the centre of gravity for great handling and manoeuvrability. 

The KTM 450 SMR is fitted with a lightweight, compact SOHC (single overhead camshaft) cylinder head. The design focusses on mass centralization, contributing to overall handling excellence. The overhead camshaft has a friction-optimized surface and valve timing that delivers impressive responsiveness. The four ultra-lightweight titanium valves (intake 40 mm, exhaust 33 mm) are activated via extremely rigid rocker arms. The rockers on intake side are DLC coated, allowing for impressive engine speeds up to 11,500 rpm. Low-friction chain guides further support the high RPM levels. The innovative head configuration guarantees the most efficient delivery of the unrivalled power, keeping a strong edge over the competition.

The inertia produced by the crankshaft is carefully calculated to deliver optimal traction and ride-ability from the powerful 450cc plant. The crankshaft is specifically positioned to harness the rotating mass in the ideal centre of gravity resulting in a lightweight and agile handling feel. A plain big end bearing comprising of two force-fitted bearing shells ensure maximum reliability and durability, guaranteeing long service intervals of 100 hours.

The compact engine cases are manufactured using a high pressure die-cast production process that helps with weight reduction, while retaining strength and durability. The design allows for optimal shaft arrangements close to the center of gravity, resulting in better mass centralization and easier ride-ability. The engine covers feature a smart surface structure that reduces wear caused by the rider’s boots, keeping them looking as fresh as the day you bought it.

The lightweight 5-speed gearbox features well-spaced gear ratios for Supermoto and is produced by Pankl Racing Systems ensuring the highest level of durability and reliability. An advanced gear sensor selects a specific engine map tailored for each gear.

The state-of-the-art KEIHIN Engine Management System, with electronic fuel injection, features a 44 mm throttle body. The injector position guarantees optimal atomization of the fuel and air on the way to the combustion chamber, resulting in instant response and maximum performance when opening the throttle. There are also separate systems for cold starting and idle adjustment. The ECU features maps which have been developed to precisely match the exhaust and cylinder head, with options for regulating traction and launch control. It also provides different maps for each gear, according to the information received from the gear sensor, ensuring maximum power as you shift through the gears.

The lightweight aluminium cylinder is an engineering masterpiece. Featuring a 95 mm bore and a CP bridge-box-type piston which weighs only 320 g. It’s design contributes to the engine’s low vibrations and overall engine speed strength. Due to the low oscillating masses, the engine is not only powerful, but also displays extremely lively characteristics.

The multifunctional side mounted counter balance shaft masterfully balances all the oscillating forces, while also driving the water pump. It effectively keeps engine vibrations to a minimum, resulting in the smoothest ride, even at the highest engine speeds.

The KTM 450 SMR features a SUTER antihopping clutch which prevents rear wheel instability and hopping when braking hard into the apex of a turn, for maximum control and perfect Supermoto-style drifting. The Brembo hydraulic system guarantees perfect clutch modulation.

The standard electric starter on the KTM 450 SMR uses a proven starter drive and a strong starter motor made by Mitsuba. As demonstrated time and time again, it provides quick and reliable starting, saving you precious time and energy when you need it most.

When it comes to power delivery and performance, the exhaust on the KTM 450 SMR plays a key role and packs a punch that is hard to beat. It features a model specific header pipe with an advanced resonator called FDH (Flow Design Header), which is a small chamber around the pipe. The design allows the exhaust to be disassembled without removing the shock absorber and also provides better access to the shock. The aluminum sleeve, end cap and internal design of the silencer allows for slimmer ergonomics, making the bike feel narrower, without compromise to regulatory noise limits.

Maintaining the optimal engine temperature is crucial to ensuring consistent horsepower throughout the ride. The KTM 450 SMR features radiators which are positioned for a lower the center of gravity. Their design matches the shrouds perfectly and offers a great slim feel to the ergonomics. By using CFD technology (computational fluid dynamics) together with a clever coolant circuit routing, the innovative system ensures the optimum engine temperature for the highest performance, no matter what the conditions. The radiators also feature special protectors that don’t only serve as protection from debris but also as a brace that disperses energy around the radiators in the event of an impact.

High-tech Brembo S.p.A brakes have always been standard equipment on all KTM motocross and enduro bikes. Stopping power on Supermoto is crucial, that is why the KTM 450 SMR has been equipped with Brembo’s 4-piston radially mounted caliper and supported with Brembo’s radial master cylinder working together with a 310 mm front disc. A single piston caliper and a 220mm disc is fitted to the rear, this combined with perfectly placed controls allow for optimal feel and control when sliding the bike into a corner. 

The KTM 450 SMR is fitted with lightweight polyethylene fuel tank. The shape of the fuel tank allows for slim ergonomics without compromise to the 7 liter fuel capacity. The filler cap has an inside thread that makes for easy and reliable closure. 

The KTM 450 SMR benefits from a lightweight high-tech frame made of chromium molybdenum steel sections that include hydro-formed elements welded together by state-of-the-art robots. For 2022, the KTM 450 SMR introduces a frame finishing coated in racing orange to further reinforce the proximity to the championship winning machines of the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing stars. The frame design guarantees a precisely defined stiffness in conjunction with an optimal geometry with the rider enjoying first-class feedback and ultra-responsive handling. The subframe is made from extremely lightweight and highly stable aluminum sections that provide optimum riding feeling.

The KTM 450 SMR’s one-piece swingarm, is manufactured using a gravity die-cast production process, for exceptional strength at the lowest possible weight. It offers a wide range of adjustment for the rear wheel, allowing for a shorter wheelbase on tighter twisty tracks, or a longer wheelbase for greater stability on longer track. The swingarm’s chain measurement markings are visible from above, making adjustment simpler and more accurate.

The KTM 450 SMR is fitted with ultra light weight and strong black ALPINA spoked wheels, 16.5” front rim and 17” rear rim respectively. They are complemented by tubeless Bridgestone 125/600 R16,5 and 165/630 R17 slick tires for maximum grip, traction and agility.

The KTM 450 SMR model is fitted with the super-lightweight WP XACT fork with AER technology and feature updated settings for Supermoto use. It is a 48 mm USD air-sprung fork with a capsulated air spring on the left side and pressurized oil chamber for progressive and consistent damping on the right. In combination with the mid-valve damping system, the fork provides exceptional feedback and rider comfort. The setting is specifically made for Supermoto racing and can be easily adjusted via the single air pressure valve for the air spring, as well as through easy access click adjusters for compression and rebound damping. The air pump needed to adjust the fork’s air pressure is provided as standard. A 22 mm diameter front axle provides a precise fork response under heavy braking into a corner.

A Supermoto-specific set-up of the WP XACT rear shock absorber provides advanced damping characteristics for unsurpassed traction and energy absorption, while keeping a compact and lightweight design. The component is fully adjustable and matched to a linkage system with a specific geometry to deliver the greatest possible traction and absorption.

The KTM 450 SMR features top quality, CNC-machined triple clamp which have become a KTM trademark. The triple clamp has a precisely calculated stiffness and offset of 16 mm to match the flex characteristics of the frame and fork. The result is a front end that all works in perfect harmony, contributing positively to the overall handling and stability. The rubber damped handlebar fixation reduces vibration and also allows for some adjustment. A 4-position handlebar adjustability is standard that allows for customisable ergonomics.

The KTM 450 SMR is equipped with high-strength aluminum tapered handlebar, made by NEKEN. The handlebar is fixed in rubber damped mountings, which allow for two different positions. The handlebars come standard with an ODI vulcanized grip on the right side and a comfortable ODI lock-on grip, which does not require any wire or glue, on the left.

Sophisticated ‘no-dirt’ footpegs prevent clogging of the footpeg pivot. Looking for a higher riding position? Then just mount the footpegs of the 2019 EXC models, which are 6mm higher than that of the SMR version.

The KTM 450 SMR features a perfectly ergonomically designed seat and excellent seat contour and comfort for the rider. Incorporating additional silicon strips on the seat area, it gives the rider more grip and a better feel.

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Model Specification

  • Engine

    Engine Type

    1-cylinder, 4-stroke


    449.9 cc


    Electric starter


    5 speed


    Suter slipper clutch, Brembo Hydraulics

    ABS System

    Engine Management System

    Keihin EMS

  • Dimensions


    95 mm


    63.4 mm

    Ground Clearance (unloaded)

    290 mm

    Seat Height

    890 mm

    Weight (No Fuel)

    102 kg

  • Frame


    Central double-cradle-type 25CrMo4 steel


    Steering Head Angle

    63.9 degrees

    Tank Capacity

    7 litres

  • Suspension

    Front Suspension

    WP XACT-USD, 48 mm

    Rear Suspension

    WP XACT Monoshock with linkage

    Suspension Travel Front

    285 mm

    Suspension Travel Rear

    266 mm

  • Performance

    Brake System Front

    Brembo 4-piston radially mounted caliper

    Brake System Rear

    Brembo single-piston floating calliper



  • Brakes

    Front Brake Disc Diameter

    310 mm

    Rear Brake Disc Diameter

    220 mm