Saltire Motorcycles loyalty scheme membership cards
Saltire Motorcycles loyalty scheme membership cards


What is the Saltire Motorcycles Loyalty Scheme?

The Loyalty Scheme is a subscription which entitles you to regular discount in the store. Different tiers of membership give you different levels of discount.

Where can my Loyalty Card be used?

The Loyalty Card Scheme covers the Saltire Motorcycles and Alba Customs’ Clothing Departments, the Service Centre and the Gasoline Alley Café.

What does my discount apply to?

Helmets, riding gear, casual wear, intercoms, gadgets, cleaning products, service costs, parts, accessories, luggage, bacon rolls and all other treats from Gasoline Alley Café!

How long is the card / discount valid for?

If you have chosen to pay annually, the card is valid for one year from date of purchase and you will need to renew to it to continue benefiting from regular discount.
If you have chosen monthly payments, the card will last for as long as you pay the direct debit, and for six months after you chose to stop the payments.

Can other people use my card?

No, these cards are for the use of the account holder only.

Can I purchase the Loyal Card as a gift for someone else?

Yes, we would need their contact details including email address to set up.

What is excluded from the Loyalty Scheme?

Motorcycle purchases, services from the Rider Training and Hire Departments, Tyres and Gift Voucher purchases are not included in the Loyalty Scheme.

Can I upgrade my card?

Yes. You can even use the discount percentage from your current card for the initial payment on an upgraded card.
The monthly payments cannot be discounted.

How do I cancel my monthly payments?

Payments can be cancelled either by emailing us at at least 7 days before the payment is due. Alternatively, you can cancel a direct debit anytime via online banking for the account you have used to set up the direct debit.

What happens if I miss a payment?

Your card will be suspended until the payment has been made, you may incur an admin fee.

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