Basic General Motorcycle Maintenance Class

Basic Motorcycle Maintenance Class

We are delighted to offer basic motorcycle maintenance workshop evenings where we will cover the basics that are essential to you and your motorcycle with the guidance of our Manufacturer/Factory trained technician Tommy.

Basic motorcycle maintenance is essential to keep your machine in top condition, keeping you safe and reducing running costs.  It pays to have a good understanding of general maintenance and what’s required for your machine so getting to know your way around your motorcycle on a daily/weekly basis is going to benefit you, and this will be demonstrated when you attend our maintenance classes.

The evening will consist of a brief intro into what we will be covering along with the pros of regular maintenance, followed by a 30 minute, one to one with each customer with their own motorcycle however if you do not have your own motorcycle we can provide one for the evening at no additional cost.  The evening will be finished off by a question and answer session.  Due to the intimate nature of this workshop we have kept numbers limited to 4 per session, simply to ensure that everyone attending gets the most attention possible.

Please present your motorcycle to the class in as fresh condition as possible – working on a clean machine will make learning easier and more fun.  There is are cleaning facilities at the Shell garage at the end of our street should you feel it necessary.

Terms and Conditions:

As spaces for each course are limited to 4 people, maintenance class payments are non-refundable. 

It may be possible to change the date of your workshop, or for someone else to take your place given at least 7 days notice before the date of the class.

In the event that you cannot bring your own motorcycle, we will substitute it for one of our motorcycles. However please give us as much notice as possible.

Please arrive with your motorcycle at 5.30pm to get checked in.  If you don’t have a motorcycle and still want to attend, we can provide a motorcycle for you to work on for the course.

The course will start from 6pm, finishing at 8.30pm. If you arrive late you may be refused entry due to disruption to the other attendees.

Bring your glasses or lenses if you need them for close up work.

Please advise us of any medical conditions which we should be aware of in a workshop environment; and bring any medication you may need (eg inhaler).

If your motorcycle is from a manufacturer that we don't service in our workshop, we will provide a replacement Yamaha or Suzuki 125cc machine for the duration of the workshop.

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