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Kingdom of Fife – 1 day tour

Kingdom of Fife - 1 day tour

Welcome to Scotland and the land of Kings and Queens. Scotland is steeped in centuries of history, conflict and corruption amongst the clans and Royal Households. The Kingdom of Fife is full of locations attached to the history of our Scottish Monarchs.

This 1 day tour will not only take you to some of our famous Royal landmarks like Aberdour Castle (as seen in the Tv series Outlander), Falkland Palace and Dunfermline Abbey; Scotland’s Secret Bunker but along part ot the Fife Tourist trail incorporating wonderful coastal villages and towns like St Andrews and Anstruther.

Aberdour Castle is one of Scotland's oldest Castles with parts dating back as far as 1200. Although not directly a Kings home but one of Earls, it played a huge role in the Monarchy of Scotland.

Falkland Palace, was the main residence to Mary Queen of Scots and is one of Scotland’s finest Renaissance palaces which saw the death of Mary’s father King James V in 1542.

Dunfermline Abbey and Palace the resting place of King Robert the Bruce 1329.

The tour will also give you a broader look into more recent history, such as Scotland's secret bunker. A fantastic WW2 nuclear bunker that was hidden under a farmhouse for 40 years.

You will have the chance to visit St Andrews; the home of Golf, rich in Royal History, with an impressive Castle, Palace & Abbey ruin. St Andrews is also home to the famous university, (recently attended by Prince William).

If you fancy a good old seaside fish and chip lunch then Anstruther is the place. Located between Kirkcaldy and St Andrews on the East Neuk of Fife, Anstruther fishing village boasts an award winning chip shop and Scottish Fisheries Museum.

The coast road, known as the Fife Tourist trail is a great riding road, taking you through the local fishing villages, and sections of open roads with fantastic smooth bends, great views and sea air.

With an abundance of attractions in the area, we can tailor a day tour to suit your interests. What ever you decide, you won't be disappointed with a day riding and exploring in Fife.

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