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Guaranteed Buy-Back Scheme.

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Saltire Motorcycles offers an exclusive ‘Buy Back Scheme’ on all used learner bikes.

What this means is that if you are starting to learn to ride, you may wish to have your own bike to get on the road with immediately even though you know you’re not going to keep it for too long.

Our buy back scheme guarantees that any used 12-33bhp machine sold by Saltire Motorcycles you can return to us as a trade in against your next bike and we’ll give you the price you paid for it, less conditioning costs.

So, if you paid £1,900 for a pre-owned motorbike and returned it 12 months later to buy another bike worth £2,500, Saltire would knock £1,900 off the price of your new bike assuming your old bike’s condition has been maintained when you trade-in.

Conditioning costs entail anything that is required to bring the bike up to the standard it was in when you bought it. All we want is to keep your custom – and in return you get an incredible offer you will not find anywhere else.

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