There are many reasons to learn to ride a motorbike, but in recent times rising petrol prices have made it a more important consideration than ever.

With the average commuter travelling 8 miles or more each day, motorcycles and scooters offer a number of attractive reasons to change from sitting on the bus or in a car in a queue of traffic.

Many Scooters and 125cc motorcycles are achieving over 100mpg, so saving on fuel costs; Road tax for a 125cc is currently £17 per year and time; typically journeys on two wheels take less time than that of car.  Motorcycle insurance (especially for younger riders/drivers) and maintenance tends to be less expensive than that of a car.  They’re also much easier to park with the city centre having plenty of Motorcycle parking bays.

There are a number of important factors to consider before you make the switch as motorcycles will not generally offer the luggage carrying capabilities of cars; and they can be more problematic when the weather isn’t good although technical advances in heated grips and clothing, and improvements in clothing warmth and all round protection have made life a lot more comfortable for riding all year.

However, for young people in particular, the savings can be substantial. For example, a scooter that can achieve around 100mpg could potentially save you more than £1,000 a year on petrol alone. There are other savings to be made too, as motorcycle insurance is typically less expensive than car insurance; and motorcycle maintenance tends to be less expensive than car maintenance.

The biggest upfront cost will be the price of the machine itself.  However, with Saltire’s exclusive Guaranteed Future Value Scheme on any used learner (12-33bh)p machine sold; it can be returned to Saltire Motorcycles as a trade-in against your next desired bike with you receiving the price you paid for it, less any conditioning costs.

Learner equipment packages are also available to help new riders save on riding gear.

So if you live in Edinburgh, Fife or indeed anywhere across the Lothian region, it’s worth making an assessment of your commuting and social needs; and thinking carefully about whether riding a motorbike or scooter could save you money.

Let Saltire Motorcycles give you a helping hand to save money and have fun.

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