2017 Yamaha Tricity 125

New Yamaha Tricity 125

Love the way I move
Yamaha Tricity 125 represents the face of Urban Mobility. Featuring an exclusive leaning multi wheel design with 2 front wheels for an enhanced feeling of stability. Everything about this user-friendly model has been designed to appeal both to new and existing scooter riders who are looking for an economical and practical way to get around the city.

New more powerful and economical Blue Core engine
The 2017 Tricity 125 benefits from a new Blue Core liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine that has been designed to deliver increased performance using less fuel, together with reduced emissions.
This economical new power plant is the same design as the one fitted to the popular NMAX 125, and its key features include Variable Valve Actuation* (VVA) that delivers stronger power over a wide rev range, as well as a an offset cylinder and a high compression head with optimized valve sizes. Its compact side-positioned radiator contributes towards its high cooling efficiency, and various weight reducing measure increase overall running efficiency.
The new Blue Core engine gives the 2017 Tricity 125 improved acceleration and a higher top speed together with greater fuel economy, making it an even more attractive alternative to public transport.

* Please see NMAX 155 for a full description of VVA.

Dynamic body design
The newly designed rear panels have a much more upswept style, giving a sportier look to the 2017 model. Newly designed integrated grab bars accentuate the free flowing side panel formed by the new rear bodywork, giving a feeling of lightness and agility. And with a range of vibrant new colours - including Sunny Yellow and Aqua Blue - the 2017 Tricity 125 is ready to brighten up the city streets.

New chassis
The Tricity 125 is equipped with a newly designed chassis that is the same design as the one used on the recently launched Tricity 155. Its 1350mm wheelbase is 40mm longer than the current model, and this gives increased cockpit space for a more comfortable ride - and also allows the fitment of a newly designed seat that is flatter and longer.
The new chassis also features a larger storage compartment that can accommodate an XL size full-face helmet - and there's also a new front pocket equipped with a handy 12V outlet for powering GPS navigation devices, or charging mobile phones.

LED headlights
The headlights and position lights feature bright LEDs that use less energy, thereby helping to increase engine-running efficiency. Three LEDs are illuminated on low beam, while two LEDs come on for high beam, and together with the LED position lights they give the Tricity 125 a distinctive and modern face.
LEDs are also used for the taillight and brake light, and to ensure good visibility the reflectors have an aluminium deposition coating.

The triple disc braking system gives smooth and controllable stopping, and is equipped with ABS as well as Yamaha's Unified Braking System (UBS). This system balances any inputs made by the rider to ensure that the braking force is distributed efficiently between the front and rear wheels. The UBS is activated when either the left (rear) brake lever is pulled alone, or when both levers are pulled together. The UBS does not intervene if the right (front) brake lever is used alone.

Larger 13-inch rear wheel
The new chassis is fitted with a larger 13-inch rear wheel that offers a number of advantages over the previous 12-inch design. Its larger diameter gives a smoother ride over uneven surfaces, and with its newly developed 130/70-13 tyre, it provides a good balance of handling, shock absorption, traction and comfort.

Longer range fuel tank
The new longer wheelbase chassis is equipped with a larger fuel tank with a capacity of 7.2 litres, almost 10% greater than the previous design. Combined with the increased economy of the new Blue Core engine, this additional fuel capacity gives an extended range between fuel stops.

Tricity 125. Love the way I move.

Tricity 125 - Key Features
New more powerful and economical Blue Core engine
Excellent fuel consumption with stronger acceleration and higher top speed
New 13-inch rear wheel ensures high levels of stability with good roadholding
New frame with increased wheelbase gives more space with high stability
Powerful new full LED headlight for good visibility and sophisticated looks
New front pocket with 12V outlet for increased convenience and functionality
Longer and flatter dual seat ensures high level of rider and passenger comfort
Wider integrated footboards give a roomier feel with improved foot grip
Restyled rear bodywork with new passenger grips and tandem steps
ABS and Unified Braking System give powerful, controlled braking
Fuel tank capacity increased to 7.2 litres to give greater range
Increased storage space can accommodate a full-face helmet
EU4 compliant
Wide selection of Genuine Accessories
Also available in Europe in a 155cc engine option

Sunny Yellow
Aqua Blue
Milky White
Matt Grey

February 2017

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