Always Ready – A Collaborative Fundraiser

We are proud to announce that we at Saltire Motorcycles have partnered up with William Wood Watches to create the world’s first William Wood Watches motorcycle.

This one-off bike will be made available in the Always Ready Prize Draw where one lucky person will win this incredible bike! Ticket are on sale now, so click here for details, and to purchase your ticket.

The winner will be announced by the Chief Fire Officer of Scotland on Wednesday 4th May 2022 (International Firefighters Day) and all profits will be donated to The Fire Fighters Charity

Always Ready Indian Motorcycle Scout

Always Ready” is a 2021 Indian Motorcycle Scout, built to reflect the craftsmanship shown in the William Wood Watches timepieces, and like the watches, the bike is adorned with multiple elements of upcycled firefighting materials. It also incorporates the functioning workings of one of William Wood’s limited edition watches into the fabric of the bike. 

You can find a more in-depth article covering the process of how this bike came together by clicking here 

William Wood Watches was founded by Jonny Garrett, the grandson of the late William Wood, a decorated firefighter who served in the British Fire Service for over 25 years. William Wood makes firefighting-inspired luxury watches from upcycled firefighting material. The company donates to firefighting charities through sale of every watch and regularly supports and sponsors firefighting charities internationally.

Build Highlights – 

• Located at the centre of the V-twin engine is the functional inner workings of a limited-edition William Wood watch case back

• Finished in a deep gloss metallic fire engine red, with hand finished 24 carat gold leaf and black pin striping, inspired by early era fire engines

• Hand grips made from upcycled British fire hose, with a 1920’s William Wood coin inset in the wooden bar-ends

• Seat is hand-stitched leather saddlery, incorporating recycled fire hose, and a diamond for each of the children saved by William Wood and his colleagues

• Wooden cross-bar, crafted from the wood of a fire appliance ladder, providing a perfect mount for the owner’s complimentary William Wood bronze ruby watch