Here at Saltire Motorcycles, we pride ourselves on stocking some of the best brands and products on the market. REV'IT! is by far one of our favourites! In-Store we don't have space to carry ALL of the Products that REV'IT! have to offer, however we have carefully selected a range which we believe to be the best blend of top-end and value for money. With products like the Horizon 2 Textile Laminated waterproof suit to the Vertex GT touring two-piece suit! And we can even size you up for anything else that you would like us to order in from REV'IT!


SINCE 1995

What started out as a relatively small local distribution company with a clear focus on selling imported products in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, has grown into a globally recognized leader in design, performance and innovation in the motorcycle clothing industry.


Exploring the world on two wheels is one of the best ways to enrich your life. It can take you to places no other means of transportation can offer. And where the roads end, you can continue exploring with REV’IT! gear that is built to perform under all climate conditions on any surface.


The main purpose of each garment that you’ll find in our URBAN collection is to provide all the comfort and protection you need as a rider and to cleverly disguise it in fashionable outer shells that allow you to effortlessly blend into any urban environment.


There aren’t many things more thrilling than riding a bike at top speed on the track; your eyes already aimed at the next corner, preparing to brake as late as possible, hit the apex and accelerate as fast as you dare out of the corner. We’re here to protect you from harm when emotions take over control and you accidentally cross that thin line.

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