Why Learn To Ride A Motorbike?

Why learn to ride a bike 720 wide

Perhaps you’re thinking about riding a motorbike but not sure how to justify it; or maybe you just don’t know why anyone would do it? Well, there are actually a host of reasons to learn to ride a motorcycle.

For most bike enthusiasts, the first words that come to mind are “fun, ease, freedom and independence”. Yes you can get from “a” to “b” in a car, but with motorbikes the travelling becomes much more fun. Let’s be honest – we’ve all been stuck in a traffic jam on a hot day and looked enviously at the rider who continues his/her journey unhindered.

Motorcycles have practical advantages too, as they are generally a cheaper form of transportation. Motorbikes are usually cheaper to buy than cars, they cost less to fuel; and insurance and maintenance costs are usually lower too. There are no congestion charges and parking is a lot less hassle.

That’s not to say that motorbikes aren’t without their issues. Of course riding a motorbike in grim weather is a lot less fun than being warm in a car, but there is good riding gear you can buy to limit this hassle. Motorbikes are also much safer than they used to be thanks to protective equipment and machines that are more comfortable, reliable and easier to handle than ever before.

So if you’re thinking of learning to ride a motorbike and you live in Edinburgh, Fife or the surrounding Lothian region, why not head along to Saltire Motorcycles to see what courses are available?

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