Saltire and Alba – an update 23/03/20

EDIT - Please see most recent news post.

Every day, the local and global outlook changes. We must react to that accordingly.
We are open for Retail.
We are open for Servicing.
We are open for Training.
But please, please, only visit us in person if you are clear what it is you're coming in for. Don't visit as a social activity, to browse, to swing a leg over every bike. We MUST limit the spread of this virus, and we can only do that by limiting unnecessary interactions. We remain dedicated to providing you with the usual range of services, but we want to do that while keeping everyone safe.
If you are interested in a particular bike, a particular helmet, a particular demo ride, please contact us in advance and we will send you as much information, pics and videos as you need. This will allow you to make informed decisions prior to coming to see us.
Don't take any of this the wrong way. We are not trying to turn away your business. But we cannot have "Business as Usual".
We appreciate your patience.

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