Rental Terms and Conditions

Unfortunately we are unable to take bookings at this time. Please feel free to contact us at with your rental enquiry and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Rental Terms and COnditions

Upon hiring a motorcycle from Saltire Motorcycles the hirer agrees that he/she is aware and agrees to the under-noted stated terms and conditions. The hirer also understands and recognises that he/she is subject to surcharges in case certain or more terms and conditions are not met or adhered to.

1. All advertised prices are inclusive of VAT (at the current rate) unless otherwise stated.

2. All motorcycles and riding gear are rented for a minimum of 24-hour periods.

3. All motorcycles must remain in the United Kingdom (mainland UK).

4. All motorcycles are hired with Fully Comprehensive Insurance, UK Roadside assistance, unlimited mileage and a full tank of fuel.

5. Pillions must be 16 years of age or older.

6. Pillion passengers are required to be in store to sign a declaration for insurance purposes and must be in store in person to collect any riding gear.

7. In the event of an insurance claim, the insurance excess payable is dependent on the motorcycle brand and model; however, this insurance excess can be reduced with a one-off payment. Please consult the hire options for more detailed information. We do not take payment for the Insurance Excess up front, we merely make you aware of the insurance terms.

8. The hirer is not to make any changes or alterations to the motorcycle. Examples of changes include but is not limited to: removing or mirrors, removing or applying stickers, modifying the motorcycle.

9. A damage waiver fee of £500.00 is payable on collection of each motorcycle and will be refunded upon safe return of all hire items. The hirer is responsible to point out to Saltire Motorcycles Ltd. any damage incurred by the motorcycle or the gear during the time of hire. In the event that the motorcycle or any hire item has been damaged, we may hold the £500.00 damage waiver fee until such time as the motorcycle / hire item has been appraised for damage costs. In case of a puncture the hirer will cover the repair/replacement cost of the tire – the amount determined by Saltire Motorcycles.

10. Saltire Motorcycles holds the right to offer an alternative hire motorcycle due to unforeseen circumstances (for example: technical issues, damage from a previous hire, etc – this list is not exhaustive). We will do our utmost to offer a similar model/style and we will give you as much advance notice as possible.

11. Rental motorcycles from Saltire Motorcycles are forbidden to partake in any of the following (this list is non-exhaustive): track days, track events, rally, motorcross, enduro events, any form of competitive or non-competitive racing.

12. Saltire Motorcycles reserves the right to refuse any motorcycle hire and may withhold their reasons for doing so.

13. The hirer and pillion are aware of the risks related to motorcycling. Saltire Motorcycles is not responsible for any injuries and/or accidents incurred by the hirer and/or pillion. Saltire Motorcycles does not provide personal accident insurance.

14. We require to see on collection of each motorcycle the following details of each rider (to speed up the handover process we prefer that these documents are emailed in advance, although we do require to see the licence and passport in store on collection):

14.a. A Full Driving Licence (showing motorcycle entitlement)

14.b. National insurance number for checking your licence (UK licences only)

14.c. International Driving Licence (permit) for any licence out of EU / in a Cyrillic script

14.d. Passport / ID card

14.e. Proof of your ID and address i.e. Utility Bill, top of a Bank Statement etc. dated within the last 3 months.

15. Hire deposits are non-refundable.

16. Applicable surcharges:

16.a. There is a £30.00 standard charge for any motorcycle returned without a full tank of fuel.

16.b. Pillion passenger surcharge: £10.00 per hire

16.c. Non UK motorcycle licence surcharge: £15.00 per hire of 1-3 days. £25.00 per hire of 4 days or more.

16.d. Riders under 25 years old / over 70 years old surcharge: £15.00 per hire of 1-3 days. £25.00 per hire of 4 days or more.

16.e. More than 6 points on licence surcharge: £15.00 per hire.

16.f. Banned from driving in the past surcharge: £25.00 per hire.

16.g. Information not disclosed at the time of booking that affects changing major elements of the hire, ie (but not exclusively) possessing a restricted licence, not researching the chosen motorcycle in terms of seat height, pillion passenger, to name a few. In these circumstances the costs to get the original motorcycle prepped and fueled, along with the preparation of an alternative machine will be charged to the customer.

16.h. A charge equivalent to 50% of the standard (non-discounted) day-rate of all hired items (motorcycle + gear) is applied for each motorcycle and gear returned up to 1 hour late. A charge equivalent to 100% of the standard (non-discounted) day rate of all hired items (motorcycle + gear) is applied for each motorcycle and gear returned more than an hour late.

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