Motorcycle Boots

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You’ve got your leathers, you’ve got your helmet – but there’s one essential that’s needed to not only complete the look, but also ensure your riding experience is as safe as possible – motorbike boots.

Saltire Motorcycles stocks a wide range of motorbike boots with riders from across Edinburgh, Fife, Livingston and the wider Lothian region visiting the store to find footwear that’s not only comfortable but that provides the protection they need. So how do you know which type of boot is right for you?

Generally, motorbike boots come in three types of materials: leather, rubber and plastic. Leather is the strongest option and offers more protection; but rubber and plastic are generally more affordable and less likely to be affected by the elements. Boots are typically 10-14 inches in height and are intended to be wrapped around the rider’s calves and feet.

Typically, motorbike boots will be designed for the type of riding you plan to engage in. There are racing boots that are built with the hard pavement in mind and they provide maximum flexibility for racing control. There are touring and commuting boots, which are comfortable with added protection around high impact areas; and there are motocross boots, specifically designed for off-road all-terrain riding, which are typically much stiffer than other motorbike boots. You can also find some cruising and custom boots which are not built with much extra protection but definitely have one eye on style.

When testing out motorbike boots to see if they are right for you, consider if they are comfortable when worn with your normal riding gear; check the grip of the sole; and ensure they meet European safety standards with the EN13634 mark.

We are constantly striving to improve our range to offer you the options which provide the best value for money. Our current range includes:

Alpinestars Boots

Sidi Boots

TCX Boots

Merlin Boots

Richa Boots

Most of our boots are unisex, however, we also stock boots and other garments cut specifically in women’s sizes like the Alpinestars Stella range.

Don’t worry if there’s something you want that you don’t see here or on our online shop, call us on 0131 478 6661 and we’ll probably be able to source it for you.