Motorcycle Gloves

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From Fife to Livingston and from Edinburgh to the rest of the Lothian region; motorbike enthusiasts descend upon Saltire Motorcycles for all their essential riding kit – and one element that should not be overlooked are motorbike gloves.

Motorbike gloves are vital because you actually have more nerve endings in your digits than in any other part of the body so it’s crucial to keep them well-protected. You should also ensure that they are suitable for the weather in which you’re riding because cold, wet or overheated hands can really make for an uncomfortable ride.

Typically you should look for two sets of motorbike gloves: winter and summer.

Winter motorbike gloves should provide extra insulation to keep out the cold and wet; and you should check the padding to ensure its suitable enough to keep you warm but not so stocky that you lose feeling in your hands.

Summer motorbike gloves meanwhile, should have added protection coupled with ventilation to keep your hands cool. Typically, they may not have much water resistance so you might also want to carry winter gloves too, in case an unexpected downpour occurs.

When choosing motorbike gloves, leather is generally the recommended material because it offers good, abrasive resistant protection while Gore-Tex is usually used for the membrane. If you can afford to, you might want to look out for motorcycle gloves with additional protection such as tiny metal studs on the palms or carbon shells that protect high impact areas including the knuckles. Look for gloves with wrist straps too for added comfort and protection; and consider designers with good reputations and warranty policies such as Alpinestars who offer 2 years warranty on all their kit.