Motorbike Helmets

There are so many theories, opinions and quotes about bike helmets, it's sometimes hard to tell the truth from the tales!

Here at Saltire Motorcycles, we tell it like it is. A helmet is by far the most important piece of bike kit you'll own and it's essential to get it right. With expert advice from the Clothing Team, you can spend the time to find the helmet that's right for YOU! This can take up an hour, so make sure you take the time to try on different options and buy the best for your budget. We provide a free custom fit service on some new helmets, and offer yearly service on Arai and Shoei, but will happily look after any helmets that you purchase from us.

We are quite particular about our helmets in the shop, we look after them to ensure that your safety is not compromised in any way, and this is why we do not sell helmets online.

Please come into the Clothing Store to be fitted up properly. We stock a good size range, and can order in a particular model or graphic based on your requirements.

Shoei Helmets at Saltire Motorcycles

Arguably the best motorcycle helmets on the market, with more and more Saltire staff converting from Arai to Shoei helmets. Shoei have come on leaps and bounds in the last few years. They have always strived for high safety standards, but with the added technological advancement in aerodynamics and their fine attention to details - Shoei are taking over!

With the affordable RYD starting at £299.99, and the ever popular NXR and super practical GT-Air - you need look no further for a great quality helmet. All Shoei helmets are tested above and beyond the standard safety tests and manufactured in Japan by individuals who take pride in their work.

Don't miss out of the very best of safety, quality and comfort.

Shoei NXR
Shoei X-Spirit 3
Shoei GT-Air
Shoei Neotec
Shoei Hornet ADV at Saltire Motorcycles

We stock a good range of Shoei helmets. If we don't have the size or colour that you'd prefer, we order it in specifically for you. This usually only takes a few days.

Arai Helmets

There will never be a real answer to the Arai vs Shoei argument, which is why we recommend spending a bit of time with a member of our clothing team. The only way to really tell is to try on both! 

Arai have been a leading brand for many years and continue to hand make helmets to very high standards. Don't let the retro shape fool you into thinking that nothing has changed since the classics such as Joey Dunlop or Mick Doohan. Arai pride themselves in the development and careful improvement of their helmets, fine tuning all parts to make them better than ever. That is where Arai makes the difference.

Arai Axces II
Arai Chaser V
Arai RX-7V available from Saltire Motorcycles
Arai Tour X4 available from Saltire Motorcycles

We only stock a limited range of Arai (generally Axces 3, Chaser X and RX7-V), but we can order in within a few days of you have particular model or colour in mind.

Shark Helmets

Shark keep a close working relationship with their racers in order to raise performance and safety standards. At Saltire Motorcycles, you will find a range of helmets from the affordable S600 starting at only £99.99, to the eye catching Vancore, and 'flashy' SKWAL.

Shark pride themselves with keeping up with the latest safety tests including the independent SHARP test, in which they score a successful 4 or 5 stars.

Shark S700S Helmet available from Saltire Motorcycles
Shark Skwal Helmet available from Saltire Motorcycles
Shark Raw Helmet available from Saltire Motorcycles
Shark Evoline

Our range of Shark helmets is generally limited to the SKWAL series and the Evoline 3, but the full range is available to order with usual delivery in a few days.


The HJC IS-17 is the ideal mid-range helmet priced from £149.99. The build quality speaks for itself and it has been one of Saltire's best selling helmets. 

HJC has been producing helmets since the 1970s and have a continual goal to provide high quality, comfortable, and reasonably priced helmets to motorcyclists around the world. You will find a refined selection of HJC helmets at Saltire, including the ever popular IS-17, the flip-up IS-Max, race spec RPHA series, and some of the CL-Y helmets for youths and those with wee heads!

HJC CL-Y available from Saltire Motorcycles
HJC IS-Max 2 helmet from Saltire Motorcycles
HJC RPHA 10 available from Saltire Motorcycles
HJC FG-70S available from Saltire Motorcycles

Who doesn’t feel like a superhero when riding through those twisty roads?
Spiderman, Venom, Iron Man and The Punisher are available in store for every biking hero!

We stock a size range of IS-17 & IS-Max helmets, and examples from the rest of HJC's range. We order helmets to arrive within a few days if they're not in stock.

DMD Helmets from Saltire Motorcycles and Alba Customs

Offering something just a little different, DMD Helmets stand out from the rest with their vintage style and quality construction, not to mention the wild graphics!

We stock a small number of DMD open face helmets, but have access to their full range. Just speak to the clothing team if you find the design that you just can't live without!

DMD Helmet Vintage Fighter
DMD Helmet Vintage Old School
DMD Helmet Vintage Poison
DMD Helmet Rocket Racing Black
DMD Helmet Racer Tribal
DMD Helmets Seveny Five Matt Black 2

With full face helmets and hybrid helmets; as well as numerous manufacturers such as Arai, Shoei, Shark, HJC, DMD and Nolan; you might be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding which motorbike helmet is right for you.

It’s fair to say that choosing the right motorbike helmet is one of the most important decisions a rider can ever make because it could prove the difference between life and death should a serious accident occur. This very reason is why you should never compromise on quality and fit. Here at Saltire Motorcycles not only do we ensure that your helmet meets the minimum European standard ECE 22.05 (remember that this marker is a minimum and many manufacturers far surpass this standard) we also offer a bespoke fitting service and full aftersales care, a service that you can only receive from an authorised and approved dealer.

There are several types of motorbike helmet available. These include full face helmets, which offer extra protection for your chin although they can feel restrictive and hot; hybrid, or flip-up helmets, which allow you to open the chin and slide the helmet upwards which can be particularly useful if you wear glasses; and open face helmets which are designed to protect your ears and the side of your face.

When selecting a motorbike helmet, fit is vital and you should get the dealer to measure your head – many motorcyclists wear a helmet that is one size too big because at the point of sale they think it feels right. There should be no excessive movement on the head - left or right, up or down.

Saltire Motorcycles will help riders across Edinburgh, Lothian, Livingston, Fife and beyond find a helmet that doesn't just look and feel good, but also offers vital protection when you need it the most.