Motorcycle Jackets

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Motorbike jackets aren’t just practical they have become almost an iconic symbol of riding in their own right. With huge names in the industry including REV’IT!, Wolf and RST producing head turning motorbike jackets, it shouldn’t be hard to find one that helps you look as good as possible.

However, there is much more to motorbike jackets than looks alone. It’s also important to find a jacket that complies with safety standards, particularly those relating to abrasion, impact, cut and burst resistance. In Europe, look for the characters CE EN 13595 on the inside of the jacket – this ensures that it has passed all the necessary safety tests.

Other safety features to look out for include a concealed stitching on the shoulders and elbows for extra protection; covered zips; and the ability to lock the sleeves on the wrists.

From there, think about which type of fabric is most suitable for you.

Leather motorbike jackets are popular because of their look and feel but they are not waterproof so you may need an additional rain jacket.

Mesh jackets can provide good ventilation in hotter weather; but with both mesh and textile motorbike jackets you should be careful that they don’t flap in the wind.

Saltire Motorcycles attracts riders from across Edinburgh; Livingston; Fife; and the wider Lothian range; in part because we stocks all the big names in motorbike jackets such as REV’IT!, Wolf and RST. So whatever type of motorbike jacket you’re looking for, make sure you stop by to see what’s in stock.