Kriega US-20 Dry Bag


One of the best selling pieces of motorcycle luggage! Great size, waterproof and easy to strap to the bike… once you’ve gone to Kriega, you’ll never go back!

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100% waterproof drybag / tailpack

20-litre capacity 100% waterproof tailpack. Innovative design which attaches directly to the bike seat with 4 x alloy hooks. The US-20 also comes equipped with removable shoulder and waist straps. It can be carried courier style, on or off the bike.

Base anti-slip mesh also doubles as a pocket to store the shoulder & waist straps when the US-20 is attached to the bike. The shoulder strap connects to the large D-rings at each end of the pack and the waist strap connects to 2 fold away buckles at the corners of the mesh-pocket.


  • 400(H) x 260(W) x 190(D) mm
  • 20-litre capacity (100% waterproof main-body)
  • Side access zip pocket (water-resistant)
  • Coated-mesh pocket
  • Shoulder & waist straps
  • Option to add-on US-10

US-Drypacks from Kriega on Vimeo.


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