Theory Test for Motorcyclists DVD-ROM


Yes! You should revise for your theory test, even if you have a full car licence!

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Official DSA Theory Test for Motorcyclists DVD-ROM

  • Makes passing your test simpler – follow the clear three-step process study, practice, test yourself, so that you’re completely prepared for your test
  • Learn from the experts – the official DVD-ROM from the people who actually set the test
  • Easy to understand – new learning material in clear, bite-sized chunks to help you really understand the theory, whatever your learning style
  • Learn your way – loads of real-life images and clear diagrams, links to further online information and videos, and hints and tips to help you remember and apply what you learn
  • Clearly track your progress – it’s easy to see how much you’ve completed, how you’re doing and which topics need a bit more work to help you plan your revision
  • Prepares you for the day of your test – mock tests just like the real thing. The revision questions and case studies cover the same topics as the actual test
  • All the extras you need – including a digital version of The Official Highway Code and voiceover option.


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