Suzie Sparkles Art Exhibition

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Susan Scott has been interested in photography ever since as a young girl she “counted elephants” with her Grandfather as images magically appeared from the mysterious alchemical solutions in his makeshift darkroom. When she got a camera she was always excited at the anticipation of waiting for films to be developed at the chemist to see what had been captured. Now with modern digital photography there is no longer the waiting in anticipation to see the images but the excitement, joy and wonder has remained.

Susan Scott

Even though she has no formal training or background, Susan has been approached over the years to take photographs at various events. She had the opportunity to photograph various amateur dramatic shows for press and publicity material.  She has photographed a local Jazz Big Band on numerous occasions, including the Cork Jazz Festival.  She was asked to photograph the Taste of Scotland show at the Prestonfield house hotel, a singer at the Churchill Theater and the National Operatic and Dramatic Association’s Ball and Conference in Peebles. She was asked at late notice to cover a Christening when the photographer pulled out and has been asked to take unofficial wedding photographs on a number of occasions and has also taken photographs for websites for friends. She had a number of her iphone images used on a Guardian Blog on the subject and she also had a couple of images selected for a book entitled ‘My Scotland’ with one of her images used as the cover. She has had nearly 400,000 views of her images on Flickr.

Although she will turn her hand to whatever is presented, she is particularly interested in Nature photography.  She enjoys connecting with the landscape and using it to deepen into a mindful meditation practice. This has been particularly potent over the last year as she used nature, walking, meditation and photography as healing tools through symptoms of mental health, particularly anxiety and depression following a long-term relationship breakdown and awareness of long-term abuse in the workplace.

After her life exploded, so much fell away – her partner, friends, people she saw as family, her job, colleagues, places, travel, commitments, possessions, hobbies, interests, money, thoughts…. Space opened everywhere.

For Susan, the greatest healers are presence, time and space and she noticed that in our modern fast paced frenetic world, we rarely slow down to allow any healing to unfold at a deep core level and merely cover superficial wounds with a sticking plaster to get by and make do.

By connecting with meditation, nature and photography, healing has unfolded and peace has been possible.  The word that has shown up has been “Sarosa”. This powerful Scottish Gaelic word means Freedom. In the opening space, there has been a rich experience of Freedom. In the context of creativity, there has been freedom to let rules fall, let labels fall, let expectations fall, let thoughts and ideas of how things should be or look fall. There has been freedom to create and express whatever is going on in the moment without judgment or concern for approval or praise. There is no attachment to what is emerging, no defined style, just an unfolding of her own unique flavor upon the world.

What has emerged has been a cathartic release of creativity, not just in visual art through various media but also through movement, writing, blogging ( and creative therapeutic sound as she relearns how to live without abuse and in this world that she is creating.

Her photography has recently taken on a playful twist as she has explored new and different ways to see the world. She is very interested in the use of colour and also enjoys intuitively changing images to something new and unexpected as can be seen with the abstract images of motorbikes.

This is the very first time Susan has shown anything publicly in this way.  Her aim is also to share her own experience of art as a therapy through her own healing journey. Also to encourage people to remember that Absolutely Everyone is an artist, no matter what your mind tells you. Everyone can create their life their way and peace, freedom, joy, love, fun…. Are all possible and accessible.

If you are interested in exploring the meditation that Susan has been practicing since 2009, there will be an opportunity to learn in June 2017.   More information about the practice can be found at

If you have any questions or would like to book, please contact

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