Yamaha MT-09 – review by David Robinson

When I was asked to write what riding Yamaha’s new MT-09 was like, I gladly accepted.

Now that it’s time to write, I find myself struggling.  That’s because words have limitations. And riding that bike was something that words struggle to convey.

I’ll try it in ten words?
Fast.  Agile.  Cool.  Smooth.  Powerful.  Light.  Aggressive.  Responsive.  Tight.  Unique.

Nope, still not close…….She’s awesome in every way. The acceleration is brilliant. The brakes are fantastic. The ride is sublime.

The triple engine put a huge grin on my face. People pointed and stared at the bike’s good looks.

The MT-09 really is that amazing.  Even better than good – down right legendary.

But don’t take my word for it.  Come and give her a ride yourself….
Here’s my Video – Yamaha MT-09 – The Dark Side Of Japan in Edinburgh

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David Robinson, Yamaha Sales, Saltire Motorcycles

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