Yamaha YS125 – Available now to buy or hire

Yamaha YS125 available now to buy or hire

2017 Yamaha YS125

Easy handling characteristics

Whether filtering through congested city streets or riding along secondary roads, the YS125's lightweight chassis and plush suspension help to make every journey easier and more enjoyable. Its 18-inch wheels deliver agility with stability - and the 2.75-18 front tyre and wide 100/80-18 rear tyre give comfortable and confident roadholding.

Smooth, reliable and economical engine

Dependability, affordability and low running costs are at the top of the 'must have' list for today's smart commuters, and the YS125's newly designed 125cc, air-cooled, 2-valve, SOHC, EU4 compliant engine is one of the most reliable and economical designs in its class.

In order to ensure that the YS125 delivers remarkably low fuel consumption as well as reduced emissions, the compact engine features a new cylinder with a longer stroke of 57.9mm, as well as a new cylinder head with a narrower valve angle and specially hardened valves. A single shaft balancer gives a smooth ride, and both electric and kickstart mechanisms are fitted.

Outstanding economy and reliability

The newly designed 125cc, 4-stroke, SOHC, single cylinder engine is built to achieve outstanding fuel economy - and being a Yamaha, customers can be sure that reliability and durability come as standard. Equipped with a long-range 14-litre fuel tank that's 1-litre larger than the discontinued YBR125, the YS125 has the potential to cover over 300 km between fuel stops.

Yamaha YS125 - Sporty Look
Yamaha YS125 - outstanding Economy & Reliability
Yamaha YS125 - Easy Handling

Sporty new face

The YS125 brings a fresh new look to the lightweight commuter bike class with its sporty face that features a newly designed headlight that's encased in a compact new cowl. Front and rear indicators are equipped with clear lenses - and the newly designed taillight and license plate holder reinforce this lightweight commuter's sporty appearance.

Refined styling

As well as its sporty new headlight and minimalist cowl, the YS125 also features stylish new bodywork that underlines its ambition to establish itself as the definitive lightweight commuter bike. Angular new side air scoops complement the new headlight and cowl, while the restyled side covers, tailpiece and front fender - as well as the new upswept black muffler - give the YS125 a sporty and vibrant new look.

Higher seat and more comfortable riding position

The relaxed ergonomics on the YS125 ensure that riders of varying sizes will feel at ease as soon as they sit on this lightweight commuter. At 795mm, the seat height is 15mm higher than the YBR125, giving a more natural and upright riding position to make the journey to work more comfortable.

Giving all commuters the freedom to move

With growing congestion and increasing public transport costs, getting to work is becoming even more challenging for millions of commuters. Yamaha is committed to offering everyone an alternative way to move around the city, and our Urban Mobility line-up features a diverse range of accessible, affordable, economical and reliable models that allow you to Move. Live. Love the city.

New Yamaha YS125: Improved fuel economy, comfort and style.

The new Yamaha YS125 is designed to reinforce the characteristics that have made the YBR125 a best selling commuter bike, while also offering today's smart and discerning commuters an even more comfortable, stylish and attractive package.

Existing YBR125 owners who are looking to trade up to the new model can expect to experience even higher levels of fuel autonomy and riding comfort from the YS125. At the same time, riders who may be coming to two wheels for the first time - as well as those trading up from a 50cc scooter or a budget 125 motorcycle - can be confident that the YS125's class-leading reliability and easy handling characteristics make it the smart choice.

Yamaha YS125 - Restyled Tail Piece
Yamaha YS125 - Clear View Clocks
Yamaha YS125 - Sporty New Face

New Yamaha YS125: Ride Free. Ride Easy.

Featuring a sporty and attractive new design whilst retaining all of the best features and assets of the successful YBR125, the new Yamaha YS125 is built to attract an even wider following. Its big wheels and plush suspension ensure easy handling - while its low fuel consumption, greater fuel economy and increased riding comfort make this one of the most practical and affordable lightweight commuter motorcycles.

The YBR125's popularity with European commuters can be attributed to its class leading economy and affordability, together with its legendary Yamaha reliability. Yamaha dealers report many cases of YBR125 models that have covered over 100,000 km, and it is this proven durability - as well as the professional back up provided by Yamaha's European dealer network - that has helped it to attract such a strong and loyal following. With over 150,000 units sold in Europe, the YBR125 has proved to be an enduring success over the past 10 years.

By building on the strengths of the original YBR125, Yamaha continue the Urban Mobility success story with the introduction of the affordable YS125, a sportily styled lightweight commuter motorcycle that is designed to meet the needs and demands of European commuters.

2017 Yamaha YS125 Commuter

Yamaha Genuine accessories

To meet the needs of commuters who want to enhance the YS125's everyday practicality, the Yamaha Genuine accessories range includes a sport screen as well as a rear carrier and 30-litre top case. These items will be available as soon as the YS125 arrives in mid March.


Power Red 
Competition White 
Midnight Black

YS125 Highlights

*         Affordable, economical and reliable lightweight commuter motorcycle 
*         Replaces the best-selling YBR125 in the Urban Mobility segment 
*         Fresh and sporty new design with new headlight and cowl design 
*         Refined design with new air scoops, side covers and tail piece 
*         New 125cc, 4-stroke, air-cooled engine with low fuel consumption 
*         EURO 4 compliant 
*         Natural and relaxed riding position with higher 795mm seat 
*         Larger 14-litre fuel tank offers 300 km potential range 
*         New upswept black muffler 
*         Unified Braking System (UBS) for added controllability 
*         Can be ridden by A2 motorcycle license holders

Yamaha Urban Mobility: Move. Live. Love.

Yamaha Urban Mobility models offer everyone the opportunity to access smart, reliable, economical and practical city transport. By reinforcing the strengths of the best selling YBR125, the sporty new YS125 is ready to establish itself as the definitive lightweight commuter motorcycle.

It's never been more fun to Move. Live. Love.

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