New YZF-R6

With over 160,000 units sold in Europe – and having won the World Supersport Championship 3 times in the last 7 years – the YZF-R6 is on the record as being one of the most popular and extreme
supersport bikes that Yamaha have ever built. Light, agile and fast,
this iconic 600cc model is the number one choice with today's go-getting
thrill seekers who are looking to progress quickly through the
supersport ranks.

To underline the company's total commitment to the supersport
segment – which remains a key ingredient in Yamaha's sporty, race bred
DNA – the leading Japanese manufacturer will introduce a radically
styled new YZF-R6 for 2017, that has been created using some of the
latest YZF-R1 derived chassis technology together with cutting edge

With newly developed low-drag bodywork and an aggressive look
that bears all the characteristics of Yamaha's thoroughbred R-series
DNA, the new YZF-R6 has arrived.

Racing is ouR World. Welcome to R WORLD.

With every YZF-R series model there comes an open invitation to
enter ouR World, and the chance to become an integral part of one of
the most exclusive clubs in the supersport category.

In ouR World, racing and winning is a way of life that is
deeply embedded within our DNA. In ouR World, every YZF supersport model
can trace its lineage straight back to our MotoGP-winning YZR-M1 race
bike. And in ouR World we believe in giving everybody the opportunity to
experience the real meaning of supersport performance.

No other manufacturer is able to offer such a broad choice of
high-tech supersport models from 125cc through to 1,000cc. From the
YZF-R1M through to the YZF-R1, YZF-R6, YZF-R3 and YZF-R125, each
R-series model is designed and manufactured using the most sophisticated
race-bred technology.

R WORLD is open to every rider who appreciates the value of
Yamaha's race winning heritage and renowned technical expertise. And R
WORLD enables YZF-R series owners the chance to unlock their true riding
potential on the street and track.

OuR World is here. R WORLD is now.