CBT (Compulsory Basic Training), Edinburgh

Indoor Training Yard

CBT indoors at Saltire Motorcycles

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is the first step to getting you on the road and requires no previous experience.

What you need:

• Provisional or full car licence with provisional motorcycle entitlement
• National Insurance number
• Knowledge of the Highway Code
• A sturdy pair of boots (not steel toes)

The only documentation you must have to complete a CBT is a provisional or full car licence. In June 2015, the paper counterpart of the licence was no longer issued and is no longer valid. You will now need to bring your National Insurance number so we can check your licence online (you don't need to have the original card). If you have the old paper style licence, you will need to bring a passport as photo ID.

If you have a foreign licence, you should contact the DVLA and you may need to apply for a UK counterpart.

At Saltire we will provide you with a bike (Suzuki GSX-S 125 or automatic scooter) and any clothing you need to borrow, except boots. Once you sign up for CBT, you will qualify for a discount in our clothing department, so you can start building up your own bike kit.

Prices are as follows:

CBT Monday - Friday – £160

CBT Weekends – £175

Repeat CBT  – £130 (CBT has expired in the last 3 months)

The CBT has a curriculum set by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and was introduced in 1990 with the aim of increasing skills for learner motorcyclists and improving road safety. It is made up of five different elements, some in the classroom, some in the training yard and lastly out on the road.

Saltire Instructors will only take you out onto the public highway once they feel that you are confident handling a motorcycle, and safe to do so.

Traditionally, the CBT course is one full day, but can continue for another half day or so, depending on how individual students get on (or if the weather causes problems!).

If you have any questions, please email us at ridertraining@saltiremotorcycles.com or call us on 0131 478 6661 option 4.

Learners will be expected to use the roads safely and legally, so we highly recommend that provisional licence holders read The Highway Code before undertaking a CBT. But remember, The Highway Code is for life, not just for learners!

Buy The Official Highway Code here.

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Done CBT today with Saltire Suzuki motorcycles, Edinburgh
Excellent tuition with Jethro,think I will book DAS with Saltire as soon as possible. Excellent staff and service.

Martin Cunningham

Great training experience. Friendly and tailored tuition. Would recommend.

Gareth Denny