CBT (Compulsory Basic Training), Edinburgh

The CBT is the first step
to getting you on the road
and requires no previous experience

What you need:

  • Provisional or full UK car licence with provisional motorcycle entitlement
  • A valid Licence Check Code, or your National Insurance number
  • Knowledge of the Highway Code
  • A sturdy pair of boots (not steel toes)
motorcycle rider training school edinburgh

The only documentation you must have to complete a CBT is a provisional or full car licence.

In June 2015, the paper counterpart of the licence was no longer issued and is no longer valid.

Along with your photocard licence, you will need to provide a valid licence check code or provide us with your National Insurance number, so that we can check your licence online.

If you have the old paper style licence, you will need to bring this as well as a passport as photo ID.

If you have a foreign licence, you should contact the DVLA as you may need to apply for a UK counterpart (D91).

DVLA Licence Enquiries -
Telephone: 0300 790 6801
Monday to Friday - 8am to 7pm,  Saturday - 8am to 2pm

or by post to Drivers Customer Services, Correspondence Team, DVLA, Swansea, SA6 7JL

We will provide:

  • a 125 learner motorcycle (currently we use Yamaha YS125) or automatic scooter
  • any protective clothing you require (up to 5XL in clothing, and up to 3XL helmet), except boots.

Once you complete your CBT with us, you will qualify for a discount in our clothing department, so you can start building up your own bike kit.

At Saltire we are proud to be able to offer the use of our Indoor Rider Training Yard!

This is unique to our training school and allows you to stay nice and dry for the most part of the day before your 2 hour road ride!

This also means that even when the weather is not at it's finest; you can still come in to complete most of the CBT, and we can schedule the road ride element to complete to a more suitable date.

CBT Prices are as follows:

CBT Course: Monday - Friday £160
CBT Course: Saturday £175
Repeat CBT Course: Monday - Friday £130

The list of all our training prices can be found here.

About the CBT:

The CBT curriculum was set by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) in 1990 with the aim of increasing skills for learner motorcyclists and improving road safety.

It is made up of five different elements, some in the classroom, some in the training yard and lastly out on the road.

We train 2 students per instructor, and will match students of similar capability (total beginners / repeat CBT students etc) together to ensure students progress at a similar level.

The training, is fun, informative and done to a relaxed pace.

Our instructors will only take you out onto the public roads once they feel that you are confident handling a motorcycle, and safe to do so.

Traditionally, the CBT course is one full day, but can continue for another half day or so, depending on how individual students get on (or if the weather causes problems!).

Learners will be expected to use the roads safely and legally, so we highly recommend that provisional licence holders read The Highway Code before undertaking a CBT.

But remember, The Highway Code is for life, not just for learners!

Saltire Rider Training Student Discounts

All new students of the Saltire Rider Training School are rewarded for their loyalty and get the added advantage of:

  • 15% off in the Clothing department (in store)
  • discounted rate for 125cc Motorcycle hire (on completion of the CBT!)

If you have any questions, please email us at ridertraining@saltiremotorcycles.com or call us on 0131 478 6661 option 4.


Thank you to Roddy for excellent training today .. 4 seasons in one day .. wet breeks to match .. great bunch of guys & gals .. highly recommended.

Nov 2018

Hello, I passed my big bike test here. The instructer John is was excellent.

Thomas Russell
November 2018

So we booked a CBT for two at Saltire (both v enthusiastic - but one v nervous!)
Nonetheless our instructor Roddy was all over it from the get go.  Calm, reassuring and with just a really gentle way of teaching you the skills to get the bike moving.  Gears seemed like a huge hurdle after all previous adventures being on an auto scooter but by mid morning we were progressing round the arena like kangaroos, clutching and throttling with Roddy maintaining his composure throughout.
The indoor space is a huge plus to the whole experience. By afternoon the drive out on the road was a challenge but having had the indoor circuit felt like a real benefit.
Anyway the whole ‘Saltire’ experience from welcoming staff and atmosphere to facilities and shopping resulted in the purchase of our first 125 at the end of the session and has done nothing to dampen our enthusiasm for more progress on two wheels. Thanks for a great day.

Kate Fleming and Connor Hill
October 2018

Just passed my A2 with Saltire and I have to say that the instruction was really first class. My instructer John explained the process clearly and gave excellent tuition on the training day and before the tests. Thanks John, very much appreciated (and needed)!! I also chatted to some of the other guys in the showroom and they are all really nice and very helpful. Can't recommend this place enough! I will definetly be using them for most of my motorcycle needs.

Roger Mclachlan
August 2018

Done CBT today with Saltire Suzuki motorcycles, Edinburgh

Excellent tuition with Jethro,think I will book DAS with Saltire as soon as possible. Excellent staff and service.

Martin Cunningham

Great training experience. Friendly and tailored tuition. Would recommend.

Gareth Denny

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