Motorcycle Tyres in Edinburgh

We at Saltire Motorcycles take pride in our role as we continually seek to offer the best tyres at the best prices coupled with the best advice and service.

Not only do we have excellent deals on tyres, we hold a huge range of stock and extensive tyre choice. We also have the facility to change the tyres on any make and model, while you wait! Most bikes take just under an hour start to finish and our fitted prices include wheel balancing and controlled disposal of your old tyres.

Tyres are an extremely important component on your motorcycle, they are your only contact patch with the road, therefore it is massively important you do what you can to make full use of them and in turn, get the most from your bike.

We don’t expect you all to be tyre gurus and know this tyre tech inside out (that’s why we’re here), however we do urge you to monitor your tyre pressures, take the time to give them regular visual checks and ask our opinions and advice when in doubt.

If pressures, sizes, tyre combination and tread depths are incorrect, this will adversely affect the handling and feel from your bike. Your tyres may even have enough tread but if ‘unevenly worn’ they will also ruin the ride (normally due to incorrect pressures).

Saltire offers a free, while you wait; full Safety Check and Report on your motorbike that goes beyond MOT expectations, giving you a thorough appraisal of your bike or scooter. This allows you to put your mind at rest or plan for the future for any work needing carried out. Saltire also has a supply of spare Parts and Accessories, just speak to the team about prices and availability.

Call now for latest prices and promotions on tyres: 0131 478 6661 option 1