Motorcycle MOTs at Saltire Motorcycles, Edinburgh

Motorcycle MOT testing has become increasingly strict in recent years and it can be difficult to keep up with ever changing legislation, as well as vehicle requirements and maintenance standards. So it is vital to take your motorbike to a reliable MOT examiner.

Getting an MOT needn’t be a stressful experience. At Saltire Motorcycles we offer a free check and report where our testers examine the bike and give clear, constructive and realistic advice as to what is required for your safety.  It’s not the same as having a service and doesn’t check the motorcycle’s overall general mechanical condition – ie the engine, clutch or gearbox.

An MOT is split into several sections which includes a thorough examination of the bike’s lighting equipment – including stop lamps, reflectors and direction indicators. Amazingly, over half of motorbike MOT failures are for defective lights.

In addition, our MOT examiner will look at your machine’s steering (including suspension); lights, brakes (including brake controls and brake performance); tyres and wheels; side cars; body and structure; offer an assessment of its corrosion; and take a close look at the fuel and exhaust system (including checks for deterioration, leaks and more). The examiner will check that the horn is of a reasonable volume, ensure the foot rests have an anti-slip surface and check that all major components are securely fitted.

If you suspect that your motorbike has some issues that may cause it to fail an MOT then don’t wait for your next test date. Bring it along to Saltire Motorcycles and let our repair team carry out any essential maintenance for you.

Please email or call 0131 478 6661 option 1 for more information.